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This kinda post is something that I did before I got into reviewing makeup products! I'm planning to do this kinda post more often because it was really fun to make! :D

Basically I'm just gonna show you guys my 'haul' over some times, beside makeup products I also gonna includes things that are random and also the story behind it (if it does have one!)

First it's Argyle and Oxford's Fries Sweater! I got this via Vania, do you know that A&O is owned by Vania's sister? I saw a lot of Indonesian fashion bloggers that features this sweater. And as much as I wanted to support Indonesian local brand, I can't get them easily because I live in Korea :( But Vania is kind enough to pack this baby with her while she's in Jakarta and get them to us :D

It'll be my Autumn favorite fo sure! Oh btw I got this in Large size.

Do I have to feature this? Yes. This Milo is a live saver! I was quite shocked when I couldn't find Milo in Korea. And more shocked that my Korean-American friend doesn't even know what 'Milo' is. I thought USA have everything! So Milo is totally a South-East Asian kinda thing? I took 1.5 hours trip to Gimhae. Me and my friends ate Indonesian Food (GOOD GOD that's the best thing that happened to me this summer) and we visited an Asian Market and pick up some stuff we can get (Indomie, Good Day Coffee, MILO, Energen). It's really overpriced (Milo = KRW 5.000) but it is really worth the prize.. I was gonna buy a big size 'Teh Botol' but I didn't because it was too heavy :(

Can you guess what is this? Perfume? Nope!
It's a candle with a fancy packaging that I got for sale in Olive Young the other. I thought it smells really good and look really nice so I just put it on the corner of my desk. Just to make everything more fancy!

Next is my go to glasses through out this summer from Style Nanda! The design is very simple and it's white! 2013 summer is full of all white trend and I'm also an avid follower of all white items and that's why I really liked this one. I bought this at Style Nanda flagship store in Hongdae for KRW 11.000. I think that's a great price and the important point here is that the nose hook (is that the name? Idk.) actually reaches my nose! I have a very low nose bridge (read : pesek) so I was really impressed because this sunnies did not stays on my cheek, but on my nose! :D

Ok. Ok. Ok. I'm back to my labil stage that I thought I lose it once I got into university. This Kpop madness is hard to stop, especially when you actually in Korea. So anyway I got a merchandise from the 2013 Infinite 1st World Tour "One Great Step" - I asked my friend Stellia to buy this for me. I wanted the 'Infinite' symbol necklace but it was not on the merchandise list, but I see this card case and I think it's nice and decided to pick them up!

I was so upset because I can't see Infinite concert even though I was in Seoul in the concert time, because my family came :( And Stellia kept on mentioning me about ticket sales in twitter! Gosh, they're selling a lot of good seats even in the last minutes. I have to see an Infinite Concert before I graduate!!

Anyway the card case is really nice, the leather is soft and the color is great! This is useful too because I like to use my student card  for my transportation card and sometimes the sensor can't reach into my wallet so I have to take it out. But not anymore! (also have a strap inside!)

Next, still on my 'labil'ness, I purchased EXO's First Album, both of the XOXO and the 'Growl' Repackage. I think I lost my mind. I only learn each of their names a month ago and completely fell in love with them. Call me lucky or unlucky, but I got Xiumin's card for both album, but I traded both of them to Lay and Luhan's thanks to Saras! (btw my bias is lay, just saying)

Any EXO fans out there? lol

Next is my knock-off Marc Jacobs phone case that I got from Mac_stuff at instagram. I also bought a matte black cover for my macbook. I ordered them only and I asked my dad to bring them over here! I like the fact that it's a jelly-type cover. I accidentally drop my phone and the hard case from Forever21 successfully scars my phone :( DANG IT. I got a nicer case from the apple store but the leather part of the case have fallen apart so I definitely need to get a new one

Next is of course a makeup product! Not gonna talk so much here because I probably gonna review them anyway! I've done the Etude House's Flowering Eyes palette HERE. The rest is still on the list, except for the NYX Round Lipstick, probably not gonna cover that one haha.

The second picture, can anybody, manga-fans out there recognize who she/he is? I completely freaked out when I saw this and I was a fan of the manga so I decided to buy it. It's a limited edition eyeliner set. I'm an eyeliner gals so definitely gonna get a lot of uses from this one also!

So this is it guys! I definitely have a lot of fun writing this kinda blog posts so I hope you also got excited like me too! :D

Have a nice day! xx

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  1. aww i love what you got.. MILO is my fav too :P

    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Milo's very popular in Australia. Actually, I believe it's an Australian product?

    I love the fries shirt. xD

    1. You're right! I just googled it! Because everybody seems to don't even know what milo is :s

      They must never have tasted milo magic! :p

  3. infinite *_* My favorite!

    visit my blog ^_^

    My online store ^_^

  4. omg infinite >< aku oct nanti nonton ogs yg di spore hihi cant waittt. i like exo too haha esp growl! anyway i love the stylenanda sunnies, perfect for summer!

    1. KYAA BEL CURANG AMAT! D: ini disini malah ga pernah ntn konsernya D: gara2 EXO jd pgn ngebet bgt ini mau ntn sm town DDDDD:


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