REVIEW : Malu Wilz - Camouflage Cream

Hey-ho! Today, out of the usual-ness, I'm reviewing a non-Korean product, it's Malu Wilz "Camouflage Cream"! If you like to watch Insite TV's Pony's Beauty Diary series in youtube, you'll might recognize this product in one of here video. Yes, it got featured in Pony's "Rainy Days Makeup".

After watching the video, the product just got stuck in my head. One day, I was browsing ticketmonster's event page and I found this product on sale for 50% off! Anything concealer, anything eye line, i'll try them! So without further pause, I purchase them for KRW 11.000. Again, it retail for KRW 20.000, and the real retail price supposed to be around EUR 11.50, here's the link to the brand's online shop.

So Malu Wilz is a Germany brand and it's famous for its "Camouflage Cream", but they also have so much other beauty products. I knew that after I look around their website for some more informations.

So it's called "Camouflage Cream" it's because the product supposed to be able to cover up tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc. It's a special cosmetic cream to cover up almost anything! I choose the #3 and thank God the color matches me because I order them via internet and I was kinda afraid of the mismatch color. They have quite large color selection and I think it could cover up most skin tones.

This product is a 'cake' type. I can't say that it's really a cream, it really had harder texture and even after some application I hardly see any dent on its surface. Cake product also sets into matte finish, but I notice that the product didn't dry my skin out or leaving dry patches.

I like its simple packaging. Even though its quite small (6 grams) but if you're using it as a concealer like I do, a little goes a long way.

For the coverage, this product is the best covering concealer I ever had. Only in one layer (all the swatches are in one layer) it really covering up everything! Of course, wait for a moment and you can layer them for more more more coverage. 

It had a quite strong scent tho, like a scent of vintage powder I used to smell of my mother when I was little, that kinda smell. But I'm completely ok with the scent, it's not like I'm using the product all over my face anyway. And because of the harder and thicker formula, you really have to focus more on the blending. I've once did my makeup in hurry and found an obvious mis-colored patch around my blemishes. 

I like to apply them with my finger, but of course you can totally use your brush like Pony did. And I found out that applying the cream with your finger means thicker application and I found out the creases in my under eye area and smile line. I recommend you to lightly apply (or even avoid) those area if you didn't need it that much. 

Overall I totally love this product! Not only because I got it in sale but also how awesome this product is! And if you do have some bigger problems to cover in your face (like scars or birthmark) I really suggest to try this product than using just concealer because the coverage is amazing and the staying power is too!

Unfortunately, i can't found the link that I purchase this product from. Either it was sold out or the event had ended I had no idea :(

Anyway, thankyou so much for reading, starting around 1 hour ago Chuseok Holiday is finally here! I have a lot of more blog posts coming up tp you so stay tune!

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  1. i watch pony's beauty diary too!! the original price is pretty expensive youre so lucky to get it half price :c



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