REVIEW : Innisfree's Mineral Water Foundation

I can't believe I haven't made any review for this foundation before. It's Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation and mine is #23- True Beige. They have 3 shades available. #23 is the darkest shade that they have. I was thorn between 2 shades 23 and 21 - but I picked 23 anyway because I also go for the darkest shade too for the fitting foundation.

This foundation retails for KRW 15.000 and it contain 35ml of product. I've had this product for a long time that the packaging is actually very very dirty - I washed it with my face cleanser to make it look presentable lol. Anyway, it has SPF 15 PA+ and it contain Jeju natural mineral and green tea, which both are Innisfree's products main ingredient I suppose?

The point of this foundation is you have to shake it first before every usage. It has this little metal ball inside - i think - and it mixes the product inside as you shake it.

It doesn't have a pump, but having a smaller opening really makes it easier to control how much product coming out of the bottle. The foundation itself is really watery - in the same time it's still creamy though. You don't have to press the crap out of the bottle to get the product out, it's watery enough to get press out without much effort!

So again, the foundation is watery, it has a light to medium coverage and it blends nice with the skin. It has this typical 'innisfree' scents - like a very nature-y scents that I can't pick up.

I have 3 ways to apply this foundation - Sponge, brush, and my finger. In which the first is my favorite and the last to be my least favorite. Anyway this foundation sets really fast, I have to do my foundation area per area and blend it before I could move to another area. That's not a problem though, atleast for me.

In the swatch below, I've put 2 layers where I have my blemishes. Even with 2 layers the coverage is still medium. That's enough for my daily look, but with my skin condition now I still need concealer. Nevertheless the product could cover the redness and some even out my skin tone. The foundation is relatively light weight and it does stated that it'll feel just like your bare skin. Well, it does give a lighter feeling - even comparing to some of BB creams that I own.

I must say that this foundation is long lasting - more if you do apply some good primer before. The finish of this foundation is more to a matte, not super matte, it still has some glow but totally closer to a matte finish. I do set the foundation with some setting powder still.

Overall, I super love this foundation, there were time when I only wear this foundation for 2++ months straight. I switched to other foundation just because my skin is in a bad state right now. But once my face cleared up, I know I'm gonna get a lot of uses out of this foundation. I've featured this foundation for my summer foundation routine post, read HERE to see how I apply it! :)

Another thing is I tend to use a lot of this product, comparing to other foundation to get even application on my whole face. The reason is might be because the product sets kinda fast - so it is kinda hard to drag the product across your face. I usually uses 1cm diameter of product, applied twice and a half. Layering the product wouldn't give you that heavy feeling.

Only with foundation - nothing else. No concealer, no setting powder, nothing.

Comparing to how much product I used each time I did my face - and the fact that there's the time I reach this for every day, I still have more than half product inside. So I could say that this could last you for some time (What foundation wouldn't anyway?)

ANW thankyou for reading! Have a question? Comment down below I'll get to you ASAP! :)

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  1. reminds me of the chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation even the concept is the same, you have to shake the bottle before use. but this one costs 1/3 of the chanel one so yea...................quality might not be the same


  2. i don't have any foundie, oh wait, only face shop foundie that i seldom use.. mostly because i don't see the difference when I use foundie and when I use BB cream so I just stick to BB Cream..
    But it looks nice on you, Fil, though the coverage is a bit disappointing for foundie :D

    1. hihi thankyou ce! its definitely a lighter foundation :p


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