[UPDATED] Seoul 2013 Summer Trip!

This will be my photo diary of my 4 days Seoul trip I did just last week. I only brought my camera along of the 3rd and 4th day, which was our Everland and Garosu-gil & Hongdae trip. I wish I had brought my camera everyday #sigh 

The Everland trip was suck, because it rainnnnnnnns all day and all of the thrill machines were closed. But luckily Everland also have a zoo, so we did go around seeing rare animals.

In Garosu-gil we went to a restaurant that is rumored to be owned by a designer, thus the staffs are also models! But sadly I don't find the staffs cute enough, they're pretty tall and skinny though. And also we celebrated Clara's birthday there! 

In Hongdae we went to Style Nanda's flagship store (prepare for a whole 3CE's product reviews! Coming right up!) and also went to see EYK studio! :D Sadly I didn't spot Simon nor Martina (I went to Hongdae twice btw) 

Updated -- Saras apparently made a short video about our trip! 


How to reach EYK studio :

1. Your starting point will be Hongdae exit 9 (홍대 9번출구). Doesn't matter what transportation you take, just search for the number 9 exit.
2. Walk straight from the #9 exit, until you see TGIF around the corner, turn left from there!
3. Now you just have to walk straight, and you have to across the street btw, so use a zebra-cross across KB bank. And from there walk straight again!
4. After you walk (it will take quite a while) you'll see Hongik Univ main gate (picture below) and turn right on the last corner.
5. Walk straiiiiight (it'll take about 8 minutes) and you'll see Coffine Gurunaru, and EYK studio is right above them.
6. Goodluck <3

Once again, happy birthday Clara! :D


  1. Great pictures! I went to Everland couple weeks ago and it rained as well! I was so sad :( Isn't the Style Nanda shop amazing? I totally forgot to take pictures of Hongdae because I went at night times only. I'm loving all your pictures!

    1. Yeah :( all the jet coaster was closed :( so sad huks thankyou!! x

  2. When I visited Korea, I didn't have enough time to go to Everland, I went to Lotte World instead because it was winter time.
    can't wait to read your post about 3ce products


    1. I even haven't go to Lotte world! :( hahaha but actually winter is the best time to go to Korea! :D

  3. Replies
    1. No I did not! :DDDDD I wish to meet him though! That's a photo of a picture of kim woobin in a restaurant when he visited :DDDD

  4. Lotte World and Everland are 2 places that I would definitely like to visit if I ever go there!


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