REVIEW : Too Cool For School - Quick Drawing Tip Liner

Heyho! I'm back with a review for Too Cool For School's Eyeliner, which is Quick Drawing Tip Liner in carbon black. This is the first time for me to review a TCFS product before! And to be honest, TCFS is not my go-to brand to look for something because they do have less product compare to other Korean brands.

I know just recently (not really maybe) TCFS started to open counters in shopping malls and department store in Indonesia, so I notice TCFS' product is much more reachable now!

First off the packaging, well I don't have any complain. Never have for TCFS, they have an awesome concept!! Outside from the design, I hate the plastic cap thingy that come with the product, it took me some hella time to screw them up open (first picture).

I think they only have one color, which is black. They retail for KRW 13.000 here in Korea. And I (and my other friends) get on this eyeliner craziness on our 4 days stay in Seoul. One of our friend uses this and ERMAGERD it is awesome, so 3 of us, including me, ofcourse, went to the store in Hongdae and purchased this.

The tip is not my favorite, felt - marker tip. I usually prefer brush tip over felt tip. Why? because felt tip usually dries more quickly, AND the tip dries first. As someone that always flicks up my eyeliner, the tip is the most important part to make that perfect flick!! I just purchase this so I don't which part will dries first, but now I keep the product upside down (the tip facing below) to avoid all stuff I blabbered above.

I do appreciate how thin the tip is. And for you amateur-eyeliner-er (?) this is the perfect tip for you! Brush might be harder to control, and this kinda tip is harder so really feel like using a marker to draw in your eyes. Perfect!

This might be the blackest black eyeliner I ever own!!! Super love! For the application, you don't need to re-line your eye back and forth because the product came out thick. You know what I hate the most, when the liner erases when you reapply your eyeliner. That kinda stuff wont happen with this product!

And the staying power, look at my picture above, it's 5++ hours AFTER I first apply the product. Crazy! Usually eyeliner in my inner eye corner would erases after a long day, but guess what, NO! It stays there, stays real black, and doesn't smudge. 

Overall, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! It will took some more trial and error for it to be my holy grail. As an eyeliner maniac I usually purchased Japanese eyeliner, the cheapest was KRW 18.000. But this one, KRW 13.000 - and very pigmented, I'm super impressed! :D

If you're new to eyeliner, and want to purchase one, I definitely recommend me. If you're a master eyeliner applier, THEN GET ONE! Thankyou for reading!

p.s : I've tried this eyeliner for some months now, and like other felt tip eyeliner, the tip dries first and that's really annoying. So what I do now is I use this eyeliner to line my eyes, but the cat eye or the flick I used my other eyeliner that has brush tip. I still love love the formulation, it is still in my top 3 eyeliner (and I tried a lot of eyeliner) - Its just I don't think felt tip liner is the best eyeliner applicator.

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  1. oh.. i event can use eyeliner pencil properly! I dont think i cant use this eyeliner :-( but i really like this, the packaging is cute & the result is your eyes is very great, you're master! :-D


  2. WOw that can draw a perfect thin line! I so wanna try this out!
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    -Jenna <3

  3. I think I will purchase this eyeliner because of its staying power! It's also cheaper than Dolly Wink one :p

    1. I totally recommend you to do so! I've tried dolly wink one, and it's not as black as this one, and the staying power gosh..... the best!

  4. wow will buy this after I finish my K-palette :)

  5. aww really love the packaging! the result is pretty good! think i should search for it when i visit make up store ><


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