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I thought my summer break would be super boring and I'll fill my time with blogging and in front of the computer ALL THE TIME but I was wrong. Yesterday I just got back from the beach (Haeundae beach, which is suck) and today I, Saras and Vania went vintage cloth shopping, and had some great burgers, and tomorrow Vania and Jessica and I will have some lunch (because the others are fasting) and will meet my seniors to discuss about our future photo shoots (Yes, she did the photography and I did the makeup, will post the pictures after I got the files) and for the next week it will be filled with the WW project (which is a short movie were making!) and possible photo shoots. GRAAH. I don't even have time to sit down and actually think about something to write!! 

Anyway. Have a greatttttt super duper fun summer! 

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