Second one up from the 'STATEMENT LIPS' Lookbook is Filia, which is me. I'll try to cross the post between the more casual one with the formal one. Again, I do apologize (for this picture and all the future post) about how the 'statement lips' does not appear as 'statement'-ly as we wished them to be, as the lighting is quite unfriendly. 

My attire for the look is quite simple, sheer blouse from Uniqlo, black pants from Zara, and the gold statement necklace is from Forever21 (Not mine, Allyne's), my patent leather black heels is from Mixxo and the snake bracelet is I got for free for collection 20 stamps at a cafe, which is also serve as gallery for some artists, or simply for people selling their stuff. On my nails, even it's quite impossible to see, is Innisfree nail polish in 'Lemon Macaron' which is a pastel yellow. Lastly, my lipstick is Shaka in Prezzo 

Look forward for another post from the Statement Lips lookbook!


  1. Wow! You are sooo beautiful! You must be a model! :))

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