REVIEW : Banila Co. Eye Love Eyeliner Pencil - Deep Black

This time I'm gonna review another amazing product from Banila Co. - The Eyelove Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Black! Comes in 2 color, deep black and deep brown. Actually I was sooo close on reviewing The Faceshop Faceit Styling Auto Gel Liner which is also my favorite, but then I purchase this one as I also run out of the faceshop one.

I love my faceshop gel liner, but I love this one so much more. So I decided to review this one instead. It retail for KRW 14.000 - I think its pricey, as other Banila Co. products are. And for writing a better review, I went on a little research about the product, and I found out they placed on No.3 on their 'Blind Test' for the search on Eyeliner with smoothest application. Read the article here (in Korean)

It claims to be waterproof, easy-drawing, super longwear, and smudge proof. And I'm quite agree on all of it! I'm not someone that likes to draw on my lower waterline, but I like to fill in the gap between my eyelashes with pencil liner. And until today it doesn't smudge on me or even disappears in the middle of the day leaving those gaps white. About the lower line, give me the best eyeliners ever and I'm 100% it will still be smudging away seeing how humid Korea is right now.

Talking about the smoothness of this eyeliner, gosh it really glides like a gel liner, in form of a pencil!! (like the name didn't spell that out loud). And the pigmentation, I think this is the blackest eyeliner I ever had in my life. Only in 1 strokes, you'll get a super black line, effortlessly, no tucking your eyes stuff like that!

Tried to smudge them by going over them 34089589times and this what it looks like.  

Wiping them off with makeup wipes. Still have some left.

The trick is, also works with other eye liner, is to wait them to set for a few good seconds and it will not budge. Unless you want to smudge them for that smoky look than you have to do it fast! 

The eyeliner glides on so so so smoothly I thought it was a khol kajal liner, or something like that, eyeliner that is for smudging. But I take a leap of faith and bought them, and they magically sits through the harsh humid and hot summer days on my waterline, without smudging! 

UP none DOWN with the eyeliner. Super Black I love it! :D

Overall, I love love this product! Only one things that I dislike is the fact that this pencil needs a sharpener to be sharpen. They're not an auto type liner! I always felt that I'm wasting some of the products if I have to sharpen them :( But in the other way it wouldn't be sharp enough for me to like the waterline. I would love to try other Banila Co. Eyeliner's, I really hoped their auto eyeliners are as pigmented as this one! 

Thankyou so much for reading! have a great day ahead! xx

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  1. beli dimanahhh, aku suka bgt yg liquidddd, pgn cobaa yg pencil <3

    1. aku beli....langsung dr tokonya ka hahaha! Iya nih aku baca blogpost kaka jd pengen coba yang liquid! :D

    2. beli di koreaakk?? seru ah, pengen ke korea lagi :(:(

    3. iya di koreakkkk! hahaha aku kan di korea ini anaknya eh kaka selamat loh masuk finalis IBB makeupchallege!! <3


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