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Hello! I'm back with a review for something that had come out for sometime ago, even I had talked for a bit in my last post but I never had the chance to actually grant it a whole post for its own. I have reasons! One : this product failed to impress me on first - fourth trials and errors and Two : the packaging it self makes me too lazy to reach for it. see my first post here

Ok so let's first talk about the packaging. I'm not really a fan of cutesy-pinky-girly packaging. But I really appreciate how Etude House sticks to their concept and their collections after collections have this harmony that I don't see a lot in Korean cosmetics brand. I mean look at their store! They just never failed their own concept.

Their concept is not in my taste of liking but it doesn't mean I have the right to mock them anyway. And I didn't bought the product for the packaging this time. No. Which I usually am. I was looking for a green / mint base or primer because my redness is outta control!

To the box description (which to me is almost like a joke, but sticking to the concept - sweet RECIPE remember??!)

"Light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside." 
<Recipe for Baby Choux Skin>
You need... Clean skin, Baby Choux Base, 1 spoon of moisture, 2 spoons of soft smoothness

Uhm. that's odd. but they do come with spoons! that make sense! :D

The packaging is made of matte glass and and the cap is just cheap plastic (which is not flat - annoyed me every time I put the spoon on top of the cap). Also contain SPF 25 PA++ which is always a good thing and retail for KRW 11.000. Comes with 3 color selections : 

#1 Mint Choux : For redness problem 
#2 Berry Choux : For that pale face that needs more color (cool tone)
#3 Peach Choux : For face that have yellowish tone (warm tone)

First the consistency of the product is truly similar to a sugar icing. Yep. And how it feels when it touches my face, totally felt like when I was playing with my mom's cake icing!! The product's color might scares some people off "OMG i wont put something green on ma face!" Worry not! Green (or mint) have a color correcting property that will fight against redness, because on the color wheel green and red neutralize each other.

As they neutralize each other, the redness will be less visible and the green also wont be visible, by human eyes at least.

It also came with a little spoon, but I get rid of them because in the end keeping the spoon also became a hassle.

RIGHT product swatch (which I probably had too much) LEFT after the blending - my skin looks brighter and whiter? 

Talking again about the product, it had an airy feeling, very light weight and soft and smooth. Only one problem I encounter with the product. Once you apply it too many, your face will look ghostly pale (I guess inhuman white is better than hulk green on your face). Means your blending skill is challenged here.

You're supposed to put this product below any makeup you use, so after moisturizer then the Baby Choux Base and then you could put another primer if you like, which I did. It did not feel heavy at all even after I put on more primer, or even move around so that's a good plus.

One big thing for somebody that have oily - combination skin like me, it doesn't help with oil control. Though your face will look matte-r after the Baby Choux Base application, it didn't help throughout the day.

Right now my face is less red than it ever before, so when I try to put them on......

before Baby Choux Base 

after Baby Choux Base - and a great example of bad blending there.

LEFT with Baby Choux Base RIGHT with NO Baby Choux Base

What I'm saying is when you just put the Baby Choux Base you can still see the difference between the applied and not applied part of my face, but after I put on my foundations and all that stuff the difference is not that visible anymore. Moreover, it's not helping me with oil control sooooo putting it on is only lengthen up my makeup time and means : big hassle.

And because of the bulkiness of the glass, you don't actually get that much product so it's totally non-travel type of packaging. It's heavy and it could get messy in your makeup bag for sure. And! I'm going around some blogs that are reviewing this product, and quite surprised that a lot of the bloggers love the scent?? Heck, I hate the scent! I can't pick what scent is it, but definitely not sweet or stuff like that. (Almost smells like sweat!) Maybe the Berry Choux and Peach Choux have better scents?

Overall! I don't love it, but I don't hate it as much either. And the packaging definitely the reason on why I didn't reach for them more often. I think it's better for someone with dry-combination skin. And for the color correcting quality, I don't think making your face whiter is the solution :/

ANNNND Just checked on the Etude House Website :
Baby Choux Base is now on Tube! Same Price 10% more product (wtf..)

Check them out HERE - Well If i have to choose, I'll choose this packaging over that bulky glass. but whatever! If you want to get them now, I suggest get the tube!!

ANDD again still I'm going to sneak in some Face of the Day pictures here : ha!

Have a great day! <3


  1. Ah pretty you~ Btw headernya baru yak? :D SUKA! :)

    1. kamu lbh cantikkk :* hihi iya! thankyouu!! :D

  2. Some are saying it would be great for dry skin, some that it's better for oily skin. I'm a bit confused xD But anyways I don't have plans on buying it haha.

  3. ah its not really good for ppl with oily skin? too bad my skin is pretty sensitive and oily *sigh. tapi di gambarnya kalo krystal sama sulli yang pake cling2 aja ya mukanya hahaha *ketawa miris
    oiya ada line or whatsapp ngga kak?hihi

    1. Hahahaha mrk mah dr awal udah cantik ;( ada bel!!

  4. The product seems to work quite well on you based on the before and after pictures. Yes, I read about green neautralizing the skin tone and I'm glad I saw your pictures to see how it works.

  5. I've noticed a lot of people talking about this!! Great post!!



  6. Hello! My friend bought Peach Choux and I tried it.It looked really nice to me.I didn't even have to put anything on top of it.It made my skin look lighter and cleaner.And it smelled pretty nice ^_^ I'm thinking on buying it as well.Can you recommend me some online shop with Etude House and Skin79 products that ships to Europe? I never used online shops before XD Thanks! Have a great day!

    1. I'm glad that you like it! Maybe I have to try the Peach Choux too... I always get my beauty product from the store (And because I'm currently residing in Korea..) But if I have to recommend, I'll suggest to take a look to http://english.gmarket.co.kr/ - Not only it's all in English, it has a lot of event (discounts and sale! - Etude House is also having its sale now on Gmarket!)

      I hope this helps! :D Have a great day too Sophie! :)

  7. ga pernah terpikir buat beli soalnya banyak yang bilang ga bagus, tapi konsep EH emang ga bisa di pungkiri, semuanya keliatan cute banget ^-^

    1. haha yea, i don't recommend this product - there's a lot of nicer and cheaper primer out there! :)

  8. I love Etude house products! This base seems like it does a really great job!


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