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Hello! As I guide my family here I do some makeup shopping to here and there! Rather than only showing you guys the stuffs I bought I planned to review them one by one. But some of the products that I bought are something that I've reviewed before, but I bought them in different colors.

So here I'm going to show you only the pictures, and also link to more descriptive review!

First off, Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint! They have 10 new more colors, and they had a 1+1 event so I picked two!

#11 Keira
#12 Jean
#13 Melody
#14 Sugar
#15 Serene
#16 Nimo
#17 Mini 
#18 Fergie
#19 Candy
#20 Lola
#21 Megan

I picked out Jean and Keira. I thought I'll be liking Keira more but it turns out I like Jean more!

#11 KEIRA 

#12 JEAN

Next is Style Nanda's 3CE Lip Lacquer in Super Coral! 

Thankyou so much for reading! See you in the next post! x

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  1. Lip lacquernya cantik banget dipake kamu. <3

  2. That coral color is sooo gorgeous <3

  3. super coralnyaa bikinn mupengg... :D

  4. warnanya itu loh cute banget >.<

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  5. yes, i think Jean looks better on you than Keira..
    omg you make me wanna buy super coral again >.<
    but i should stop myself because the price is kinda expensive T.T


  6. Wowww buy 1 get 1.... aduhhh kalau aku tinggal di sans, kayaknya setiap bulan bisa bangkrut heheheh.
    Oh ya yang wannabe, spongenya berguna atau nggak?


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