REVIEW : Rivecowe Correction Convenient Cream (CC Cream) + (CLOSED) GIVEAWAY

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I've failed myself by not blogging for a week. But anyway I've hauled some products and I've used more than enough time to test the products so I'll be working my ass off writing reviews from today onward.

First to come off is this 'Rivecowe' CC Cream. I'm pretty sure Rivecowe is a somewhat new Korean brand and honestly speaking I never hear about them until I got these.

I can't find out the retail price accurately because I've found various range of price of the CC cream, basically it ranges from KRW 22.000 - 29.000. The full size product have 40ml liquid, which make this product is hella expensive!

This CC cream is the color-changing type of product. It claims to "does skin care and make up effect at the same time. Deep moisture formulated with CC capsule. Functioned concentrated all-in-one cream. Powerful ingredients improve skin texture and finished make-up effect." - Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, SPF 32 PA++. Also contain Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Borage, Sage, Jasmine and Chamomile.

The Rivecowe CC cream have a yellow undertone, which is different from other CC creams which have white and paler undertone. And the consistency is very liquidy. You can see on the picture how the product gets everywhere in the cap because it is that watery. Like any other CC cream it had micro 'CC' capsules that makes the product change its color once blended.

It had a slight faint flowery scent, which I think you can't smell it unless you sniff the tube like I just did. Oh things I did for a review.

Another difference this CC cream has is its color. It's definitely darker than any other Korean CC cream (even BB creams). It blends like a dream and the it had a good coverage compare to how watery it is. It felt light on the face and does have a dewy finish.

I do have a fair skin, but Korean CC cream doesn't do it for me, it's always too bright for me or hard to blend and etc so I never got in to the all CC cream trend. One CC cream that do it for me is the P. Direction CC cream and I haven't bothered to try other CC cream since. I'm very very thankful for Hotdeals in Korea that send these little products to me because if not, I wouldn't even thinking to try any other CC creams.

LEFT no CC cream RIGHT rivecowe cc cream applied. both had no concealer. excuse my ugliness.

no awkward line between my face and neck because of CC cream that are too bright. 

Overall, I LOVE THIS. The staying power is amazing, the SPF is good and the most important of all : it matches my skin tone and blends easily! I've been wearing this for the past week. Korea had been crazy hot recently and I've been traveling with my family, we went all day under the sun and it's hot enough to make me headache everytime! But the CC cream doesn't budge or makes my face heavy, because that's the last thing you want on hot summer days. 

Plus, it contains a lot of eco-friendly ingredients that is good for you! 
AND to the GIVEAWAY information! 

The giveaway is not done by me, it's on Hotdeals in Korea FB fanpage. It's a Back to School Essentials Giveaway, the winner will get :

Rivecowe Moisture BB Cream 
Rivecowe CorrectionCovenientCream
Rivecowe SkinVolume Powder Pact
Rivecowe Shine Blusher
Rivecowe Plenty Volume Mascara

Valued for USD $84

If you win the prizes, you will get to try more Rivecowe Products, which I'll be guessing to be awesome as the CC cream amused me so much!! And for FREE! 

It's really easy, first you have to like Hotdeals in Korea FB fanpage, and go to the giveaway post, which is : http://goo.gl/auBV8p. And you will SHARE it and COMMENT on it about your 5 Back to School Essentials! And you can increase your chance of winning by tagging your friends! 

QUICK the giveaway is until this Wednesday, 14 August 2013 so WHAT DO YOU WAIT FOR!! :D JOIN NOW! 

The CC cream is sent to me from Hotdeals in Korea but all the opinions are mine, so Thankyou so much for reading! <3

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  1. already join fil ^^ hope I can win...
    never feel want to win badly...
    apalagi setelah baca review mu ><

  2. How would you describe your skin tone? This product says it's for dark skin, but you don't look dark at all.

    1. I'm mac NC25-NC30 but comparing to Korean skin tones, I'm pretty much on the darker side. And this product is designed to oxidize to matches one's skin tone, but because the base is yellow (most other CC cream are white/pink base) i believe it could oxidize and match to darker skin tone (I mean until medium skin tone at least) comparing to other Korean brand's CC cream.

    2. Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I wear NC20 in the Studio Fix Powder foundation, but think I could wear NC25. I'm glad to hear it has a yellow tone to it. I'm a light skin Puerto Rican, and have a hard time finding anything that matches. Keep writing these great reviews. :)

    3. You're welcome! :D This product website also emphasizes on how it would matches medium toned skin, and it doesn't washes my skin out so you might want to check it out! :D I'm glad my review could be useful for you. Have a nice day!

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  4. I would try this product if it had no lavender as i have sensitive skin and i know lavender is there just for the scent, nothing else.

  5. Hi,
    I just bought this a few days ago from eBay(ofc i did some research before buying, incl reading this review), but what I get inside is white cream, not yellow cream like yours in the picture.
    Do you think it's a fake ? :/ it makes me worried to use it

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  8. https://www.facebook.com/rivecowe.ph.official/
    Hi check out their FB page.
    very nice review I have been using this cream. it's satisfying. cheap yet the finish is like high end western brands.


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