REVIEW : Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool : Purifying Brush Shampoo

Heya! This time I'm going to review Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool : Purifying Brush Shampoo. Now I didn't even know what to put on the tags.. I don't really planned to review this product because I don't think people really brush their makeup brush with 'brush shampoo' anymore, there's thousands of alternative way to wash your makeup brushes even if you don't have these kinda product.

However once I washed my brush with the 'alternative' way, the brush just fell out of the place! I think it's also part of my faults, maybe I didn't wash it throughly, maybe the brush is just bad in quality, maybe I did store it well after washing, or maybe I didn't use a proper makeup brush cleanser! Yeah, it had been a small traumatizing experience there.

Anyway the Innisfree Purifying Brush Shampoo retail for KRW 10.000 and its 200ml. And in this line there are the brush shampoo (deep cleaning), daily brush shampoo (spray, for spot cleaning - KRW 5.000), and a magic puff cleanser (for sponges and puff - KRW 10.000)

There's nothing descriptive written on the packaging, only 'Purifying Brush Shampoo - with an anti-bacterial agent." 

Comes with an always convenient pump. It dispense a gel type liquid, but once you rub your damp brush in, it become more liquidy - water like, and it didn't foams up (unless you put too much) which is nice because you can clearly see it your brush is cleaned or not! 

The brush shampoo have a scent quite similar to dish washer? But of course I didn't mind at all. It makes my brush have that 'clean' scent which is nice!

So this is how I wash my brush (I use real technique contour brush!)

1. Make sure your brush is wet

2. Dispense a small amount of the product on the palm of your hand.

3. Swirl around your brush on your hand. If you think you need to clean your brush more, wash your hand and repeat the process until your happy with your brush! I did it twice fyi for bigger brush, once for smaller brush! And then rinse them off with running water.

4. Ta-Da! This is the dirty, dirty brush and the after washing. Looks new right? Smells clean too :D

Overall, I love this product! I was completely disappointed with The faceshop's brush cleanser, also gave me a small fear in purchasing Korean brand brush cleanse. So this product is surprisingly good and i think its on a medium price range so if you're looking for one you might want to check this one out! 

Another thing is I've use this to deep clean my whole makeup brushes collection and it only took a little bit of the product so i could say this brush shampoo could lasts for sometime. And on a side note, maybe because it's a gel-type product, I feel that my real technique brushes dries really really quick after I deep cleaned them with this. Another great point! 

Thankyou so much for reading!

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  1. Wihhh, itu gak pake dicuci dengan air ya?. Beneran? Thanks before


    1. Waa pake air!! D: aku lupa tambahin step harus dibilas pake air!

  2. This seems like a great product! I've been using hand soap and it can't be good for my brushes. Thanks for the review! Definitely going to check this out. ^_^

  3. wow kayaknya oke jg yaa ^^
    nice review!


  4. I've been stumbling upon many new blogs during this long weekend.

    Thanx for the review. It is very important to clean our make up brushes and I'm sure that there are many out there who still use a brush "shampoo". I'm currently using a Daiso sponge cleaner for my brushes. Even though it's for make up sponge, it works very well on brushes too and in my country, it is only $2.


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