Tutorial : Simple Summer Light Blue Eye makeup!

Most of you might not notice this.. but, on my blog side bar there's a polling about what posts should I do and I was shocked when I saw the result! The votes for 'Makeup Tutorial' are the highest. I was like whuuuuuut I almost never made tutorials!

But anyway, I have something that I kept inside my computer folder but haven't edit or even have the thought to publish them because I consider this one as a 'fail' one. But I decided to post them anyway because it wouldn't be fun if my blog is filled with reviews only!

So here's my inspiration. GOSH. With this posted it will show how failed I am. I don't care anymore! I'm really sorry Park Sora.

That's the look I am achieving for. But I'm changing the mint to light blue as I don't have a mint eyeshadow. Hey, creation is about improvisation. So here's a step-by-step tutorial. (And I put a hyperlink on every product that I have wrote a review about!)

#1 Starting off with no eye makeup. I don't even apply eye primer because I currently have none!

#2 I'm reshaping my eyebrow to be fuller and also make the end more rectangular
Elle Girl Soft Touch Brow Pencil #1 Black Brown

#3 I'm coating my eyebrow with a brow-mascara to match my hair color.
Etude House Color My Brow #2 Light Brown

#4 Using a round dome brush, I'm tapping a light blue color, building the color up little by little and blend them upward slightly over the crease area.
Innisfree Mineral Shadow #3 시원한 바다 (mixing both of the light blues together) and Masami Shouko Brush 

#5 To deepen my eyelid, I take a deep brown color and apply them in my crease area. 
Innisfree Mineral Shadow #5 노을지는 억새밭 (taking the darkest brown)

#6 Taking a smaller brush, I'm brushing a bronze eyeshadow along my lower lid outer corner to make my eyes brighter
Innisfree Mineral Shadow #5 노을지는 억새밭 (taking the bronze color)

#7 Tightlining my upper water line using black pencil liner
The Faceshop Faceit Styling Auto Gel Liner

#8 I'm drawing my eyeliner thinner than I usually line my eye. And don't flick the end part but make them pointing downward following your natural eye shape. Your eye will look droopy and supposed to make you look cuter.

#9 Next I'm coating both my lower and upper lash with my favorite mascara after I curl them
Maybelline's Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascara

#10 For the blush, I prefer a peachy blush so I dust some blush on the apple of my cheek
Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in #1 Baby Rouge

#11 For the lips, I'm taking a red-orangey color and focusing the color on the inner lips. Don't forget to moisturize first before!



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