REVIEW : Banila Co. - "Acid Color" Auto Stick Shadow

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I'm finally back to my computer, with the fire to write some review!! I've back from my tiring and fun holiday trip with my families (more to a guiding trip back and forth Busan-Seoul, and that post will come soon because I see a lot of you like that travel posts!) So here's a kick-start to more review awaits! Banila Co. "Acid Color" Auto Stick Shadows! 

I picked 2 out of 6 colors available, I picked the neutral one that I know I'll be using a lot. It also come in marine blue and yellow green, also white and pink. Retail for KRW 10.000, it's a part of their 2013 Summer Collection, the 'Acid Color' Collection. Other products for these line are tinted lip pencil, gel-cake-shadows, nail polishes, and colorful eye liners that are great for summer! See all the collection on their website here! 

Two colors that I got are 03 Gold Wave and 04 Bronze City. I've been really wanting to try other cream eyeshadow because I've been really enjoying Maybelline's Color Tattoo in 'Bad to the Bronze' again for the summer! But after being betrayed by Innisfree's Shadow Pencil it makes me really careful with cream stick shadows (including to not be hypnotized by cute packaging etc) 

Banila co. almost never disappoint me and when I saw these shiny-colorful sticks are on sale (Yes, they are on sale 30% off) I grasp the faith and got 2 of them after a good 10 minutes deciding what to get, why not both! 

The product is really applies smoothly, it's somewhat creamy and the product did not crumble and fell apart even after harsh application, which is a good thing. The stick shadow itself is on the thinner side, means it'll easier for that 'outer V' or inner eye corner applications.

The pigmentation is actually really really good, there's no big difference between one application or 10 back and forth. But it also means you can't build them up to make darker color. I really love the color when I swatch them on the store, but the 03 Gold Wave (The lighter one) apparently goes almost unnoticeable on my eyelids, making them look only a little more shiny. It does make a nice inner corner and browbone highlight because it is subtle and blends really well with my skin tone.

The finish is very shiny. I thought that it doesn't have any glitter but after I smudge the swatch, the super micro glitter starts to spread. But at least it doesn't have that super chunky glitter. The shininess is just perfect in my opinion. You can blend them with your fingers / synthetic eyeshadow brush and let it sets for that long-lasting eyelid color. I found that they sets just nice you don't need to double them up with powder eyeshadows!

'Gold Wave' in the inner corner, 'Bronze City' in the outer V

The staying power of these auto stick shadow is amazing! The summer in Korea is really humid and hot and my skin gets really sweaty and oily but it stays on all day without creasing. GOSH. Banila Co. really did not disappoint me. Though I wish the 'Gold Wave' could look more 'golden' in my eyelid because that'll be super pretty. I guess it'll work well in people with darker skin tone than mine!

Overall, I really recommend this product! It's really easy to apply, no fuss, no sharpener needed, thin packaging - travel friendly, this is definitely a great n00b product for people who want to start using eyeshadows. Even only using one color still looks really nice!

I know I bought them on sale, but I think the product worth every penny because I'm sure you'll get a lot of uses out of these :

it's looooooooooooong!

Thankyou so much for reading! I'll see you in the next post! Smoochies!

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  1. I saw lots of people having their eyeshadows creasing when i was in korea as it was so humid there!!
    These cream stick shadows dont crease thats just amazing seeing how humid korea is o_o


    1. YES! I was suprised too because I didn't expect them to not creasing! I realized their crazy non creasing power after I forgot to apply eyeshadow on top of them haha


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