REVIEW : Etude House Dual Show Volume Mascara

The product I'm reviewing today is Etude House 'Dual Show' Volume Mascara. It's another so-so mascara from Etude House, I was not really amused with the 3-step Volume Mascara. And it's not cheap really, it retail for KRW 16.000 and I bought it only with my membership discount which was 10%

Really the one that drags me to buy this product is the idea of a dual ended mascara. I didn't researched or anything because I need a new mascara. I was so sure this is going to be a great mascara, considering the whooping price for a Etude House's mascara.

I quite like the design of the brush, the main brush mascara shaped like a cone, it makes coating the lashes in the inner corner easier. And the mini brush is slightly angled so it's easier to coat your lower lash. As someone that always use mascara in both lashes, I found the design actually really suits me.

The problem is the product formulation itself. While it promotes to 'volumize' the look of your lashes, I don't find them to be volumizing or even lengthening enough for me. I'm that kinda girl that prefer spidery leg lashes than none, really.

The mascara gets off easily (too easy, sometimes) with hot water. And that concerns me as summer in Korea is really humid, and there's a lot of surprise rain on some days. Luckily until now I haven't caught this mascara to be smudging on me.

LEFT no mascara RIGHT Etude House Dual Show Volume Mascara

Overall, I'm in a love-hate relationship with this mascara. There are somedays which I liked them, and there are somedays where I just hate them to the core, because I can't get the volume that I want even after 3-4 coats! If you prefer a natural look over a super long lashes, this might be the answer. Though the price is a bit ridiculous I must say considering the mascara contain less product comparing to other mascara without dual-ended brush. But yeah, you get two brush but I usually don't have problem to apply mascara on my lower lash (it helps though). 

Definitely a no if you don't like applying mascara for you lower lash because it just a waste of product then. Thankyou so much for reading! See you in the next post! x

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  1. i've tried some mascara from etude and don't like the result so i tell myself not to buy any mascara again from them although the ads always look so promising >.<



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