REVIEW : Banila Co. Summer Fantasy 02 Passionist

You guys know how I much I adore Banila Co. and this product is something I have eyed for a long time now. I've went to the store back and forth and swatch them everytime I'm there, but I finally splurged for one this summer. Finally out of some colors, I chose this one. 'Summer Fantasy' Blusher 02 Passionist. Retail for KRW 20.000

I'm not a blush person, really. I don't go to makeup stores and buy blush on impulse! The reason is because I always had the worst blemish and redness in my cheek and nose area. I never had the slightest idea to add some more 'red' in area that is literally red already. The store staff recommends me to pick this color because it's more to a coral than to pink, said it would matches my skin tone more.

Talking about the packaging, I think you guys had the same thoughts like I did. Totally similar with Benefit's Box Blush. Well, only the shape of the packaging but not the designs and stuff. I think Banila Co. is somewhat wanted to have the same concept like Benefit's (they also going to launch a kit, which you guess, have similar packaging as Benefit's makeup kits).

If I have to choose I prefer makeup products with sturdier, or plastic cases. Not only they look like they cost more, the durability is something that I would choose over cute packagings because I'm very very very clumsy with all my stuffs. Durable packaging = I could be more clumsy with myself.

The blush also comes with an angled blush brush, which I couldn't care because it's kinda harsh and didn't pick up much product. But I just keep them inside anyway.

As I said before the color is coral, with gold shimmers all over it. The real thing looks more a bit orange-y than the picture (The picture comes out pinkier). It had gold glitters all over but once applied doesn't come as chunky as the glitters in the pan.

The pressed blush is so far the hardest product to swatch ever. The blush is really sheer. I had to go back and forth, again and over to make a decent swatch that my camera could actually catch. I've used my densest brush to apply them to give maximum pigmentation but it is still come as pretty sheer.

The sheer color means also you can't never over-apply the product. The shimmers on it also makes the blush a 2-1 goodness because it also gives off a highlighting effect on application. I'm not happy with the pigmentation though, but the sheer color gives off a very light, subtle blush look, that sometimes I can't even see with my own eyes.

Overall, it's a good product, but I don't recommend it to you. As there are so much similar blush like this on the market, with better pigmentation, and of course better price. At first I was quite disappointed with the blush, mostly because of the pigmentation. After a few tryouts, the blush gives off a very natural finish that it's good for everyday. After all this blush is a Korean brand products, which I found it rare for a korean brands to have a strong color payoff for their blushes.

Thankyou so much for reading! have a great day ahead! xx

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  1. Koreans seem to be really careful with their blushes, i have this etude house one, and i have to sweep my brush really hard to get the actual product :c but thats a good thing though!! (I dont wanna look like a clown)

    This reminds me of coralista by benefit lol


    1. yes! this totally reminds me of coralista too! A coralista that loses its color lol. yep -.- Korean blushes are sheer but that's their good and bad point in one! lol

  2. OMG i can't stop from reading all your posts*.* your review are so good !!!!
    why i don't live in koreaaaaaaaaaa :,(((((((


  3. what lipstick shade are you using here?

  4. I'm honestly forgot what I used there :S


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