REVIEW : 3CE's One Color Shadow

HEY GUYS! A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


Heyho! I'm back with a review for another 3CE product that I got for rather randomly on my trip back to their flagship two weeks ago.

They do have a great selection of colors and the size for a one color shadow is rather big. I was tempted to try the eyeshadow after watching several videos from stylenanda at youtube. Their tutorials are amazing!

The shade that I got was #honeymoon and it retail for KRW 11.000. Once again, the size is on the bigger side but still it's pricey. First when I swatch it on the store, it looks ok even thought the color is hard to see. At first I think it's because of the lighting (the store, especially on the makeup aisle don't have the best lighting really. Makeup stores really have to consider to do a proper lighting *cough* etudehouse *cough* because that really makes different in customer choice. I realized a lot of other customer also went toward the windows in Stylenanda store to see the makeup color in brighter place.)

So I decided to pick this one. And honestly I'm very disappointed with the color :(
I can't speak for the whole product, really. Because I only picked one color out of their many color selection. Even after I got the chance to actually come and see the product, I was still disappointed. (I really want to blame the lighting. Or is it their marketing trick????)

The formulation of the eye shadow is really, how I can describe it, hard. So it's really hard to pick the color, even with my densest crease brush, or even with my finger, it's still hard. And the pigmentation is poor! The color looks really pretty in the pan, but it's almost disappears when applied, and I can't even build them up.

this is achieved after 3++ applications. very poor pigmentation.

My conclusion is this shadow can't be use on their own. You have to layer them with a darker, more pigmented cream eyeshadow. The lasting power was ok. But if you gonna layer them anyway, you have to depend to the cream shadow you'll use for the lasting power, not on this eyeshadow. 

I layered Banila Co. Acid Auto Stick Shadow in Bronze City with #honeymoon to achieve this look. 

Overall, this product definitely is a disappointment. I really really hope that the other eyeshadow isn't as bad as this color's pigmentation, though I might not picking more of this product anytime soon. Especially with the price! The amount of product you got is definitely a plus still. 

Do you have any experience with 3CE's eyeshadows?? Tell me if you guys had a recommendation on a good color to try from! <3

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  1. too bad that the pigmentation is poor with such high price (at least for me) >.<
    i never bought single eyeshadow though, but if i will buy one, i will find cheaper one than this.
    thanks for sharing, filia ^^

  2. 3ce is famous for their quality
    the pigmentation with that price is such a shame :(
    maybe other colors have better pigmentation eyeshadows are usually like that?
    thanks for reviewing c:

    mind checking our blog? :>

    1. Really? I totally regret for not choosing a dark matte brown color over this one!! :((
      I hope so.....because I always like 3CE products and this one is such a bummer!

      I've checked your blog and you have an awesome one! Followed you :D


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