Today I'm going to show you Memebox, which is a Korean beauty box. I've already did the first "Colorful Edition" unboxing in THIS POST. The 'Colorful Edition' is a collaboration between Pony's Beauty Diary and Memebox, and all of the products are filled with color makeups.

This time the box theme is "Romantic Spring" makeup and Pony Beauty Diary also made a video tutorial, weeks before the box was announced using the products inside.

The box costs KRW 24.500, and it's available in memebox website. Sadly, this box isn't available worldwide, the global version of memebox have different beauty boxes. I tried to look for it after some emails asking about the box, apparently you can't order it if you're not registered to the Korean website, but to register you have to be in Korea, or atleast you have to have Korean cell phone number.

So, to the box!

1. RMK - Gel Creamy Foundation in 102 (10 g / fullsize 30g KRW 72.000)
I'm lucky the shade is a total match for my skin! Kinda lose hope for a second knowing that 102 is the second lightest shade in the line. Lucky me, Japanese face product usually goes darker than Korean brands. Pony said in her video that this foundation is called 'egg filler' because it made my skin looks poreless and just, amazing! I read a lot of reviews raving about this foundation. AND this foundation is freakin' expensive. It came in a premium sample bottle, which contain 1/3 from the full size product.

2. Too Cool For School - Dino Platz (eye)shadow on Flatiron #2 Peach Gold (KRW 11.000)
This is a cream eyeshadow, and one of the 2 products that actually I selected before hand. So I chose the color #2 Peach Gold - I actually going to do an individual review for this product, so wait for it!

3. Clio - Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in #9 Hawaiian Orange and #12 Gold Shine (@ KRW 12.000)
I'm also going to make an individual review post for these eyeliners! Still figuring out though when I'm going to use the orange one.....

4. Eyeko - Black Magic Mascara (4g / fullsize 8g KRW 26.000)
I don't know that Eyeko has already entered Korean market, thought in the product it's stated that this mascara is made in Korea, but anyway. The size is perfect I think, it's a premium sample size (half the full size) which I thought it's much reasonable than the first colorful edition's Bobbi Brown super mini sized mascara. I tried to apply it and didn't really impressed me, but totally going to use it a lot later because my rocket mascara is started to dry out TT_TT

5. Chosungah22 - Real Check Smoother in Satin Peach (35.000)
Not really impressed with this product! I'm planning to also make an individual review post about this one, but still contemplating. Definitely comment down below if you think I should make one!

6. Rose Mine - Plumpy Tint in Rose Berry (KRW 8.000)
First, I like the packaging! Vintage and not over the top girly, this is also a selectable item from the box. I chose the more red shade because I don't think warm tone red looks good in me (I'm definitely speaking from experience)

I pretty much am satisfied with this box, because almost all the products came in full size. And I like random makeup product to try out rather than skin care products or stuff like that, so the 'Colorful Edition' definitely is my kinda of beauty box.

I feel bad for all the people that want to get their hand to this box, but they can't :(
I hope memebox see how much Pony's popularity is worldwide so they could make future "Colorful Edition" boxes available globally!

For now, you can access the memebox through memebox global website (affiliate link). It's boxes are kinda different, but they're also offers some interesting ones!

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