REVIEW : Clio's V21 Volume Brightener in #2

Hello! Finally I got the chance to actually sit down and write this review! :D
Weeks ago I visited "Clio" store that is recently opened up near my uni. They put all the sales item near the counter, and I was so interested in this eye brightener (it was one of the sale item) 

Turned out I once read this eye brightener over at LadyFoxMakeup blog post, she even compares this with Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat which is super popular! Check out her awesome POST HERE

I think LadyFoxMakeup already clearly reviewed and even swatched both of the shades, not to mention she also compares the swatches from YSL too! I always adored YSL Touche Eclat, but I don't have the budget to splurge on such expensive product. So this is definitely a budget-friendly great solution for people with Touche Eclat on their wishlist! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
V21 Volume Brightener 

      type of product      
under eye concealer / brightener

#2 natural beige

KRW 13.000

      site info     
clio official site

This product is a click-pen type with brush on the other side. Nothing special about the packaging, but the label cover up the whole pen so it's impossible to see how much product you have left. I usually use around 2-3 clicks to cover my under eye + use the rest on the side of my nose. 

The coverage is decent! According to LadyFox, the coverage is better than the Touche Eclat. I also think out of all under eye brightener type of product, this product have the best coverage! I say decent because on some days when I have a bad darkening under my eyes, I may need stronger concealer underneath this product.

This product sets dry, so definitely not recommended to people with dry under eyes. I like to bring the concealer down to my cheek, making a triangle with my eyes for a more brightening effect. As my face is relatively oily especially near the T-zone, I have absolutely no problem with its dryness (it's better even for my nose area!)

SWATCHES : before application, applied, blended

This product has easily being my favorite recently because the brightening effect LASTS ALL DAY. Until the end of the day, I can see the product still there! Sometimes it's even hard to tell if an under eye brightener is actually working or not because usually after blended out other products just disappears into the skin. 

But it's different with this product, the brightening effect still works until after 8+ hours of application. I super like it because it's not shimmery or glittery, but it just catches the light and make my eyes look less tired! 

took this picture (with flash) in the end of the day, you can see my under eye + cheek is slightly brightened! <3 

So far, I'm really liking this product. I use this alone when my under eye is not as bad, and it definitely covering well! It also works well on top of other concealer. Though the dry finish could easily makes the product settles into lines under the eye, but I got away with a finishing powder and it sets up fine! 

Thankyou for reading! 
Have a great day everyone xx

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