REVIEW : Holika-Holika "Aqua Petit Jelly B.B"

Hello! Today I'm going to review a popular BB from Holika-Holika! I'm pretty sure y'all know what is this... (or probably because of the title! I know about this B.B from a looooooooooong time ago from one of Michelle Phan's video I think?

holika holika

      PRODUCT NAME      
Aqua Petit Jelly B.B

      type of product      
B.B Gel

#2 aqua natural

KRW 13.500

      site info     
holika-holika official site
elevenia online shopping site

I think this is "Aqua Petit Jelly" new packaging (correct me if i'm wrong). The B.B comes with a makeup sponge inside. The packaging did some statements in English, but I'll just summarize it in my own words. 

"This B.B jelly texture that make makeup spread evenly, fully hydrated and shiny and flawless skin. Contain mint water to help skin hydration and marine jelly complex for soft and bouncy skin."

Also it contain SPF 20 PA++ and available in 2 shades only (typical..) and for a note here it contains paraben. As expected for an older B.B product (I didn't mean that this product is old, but it's been a while since this product is around.) 

Honestly I was kinda excited seeing that this B.B come with a sponge. But it was a quite disappointment as it doesn't really spread the B.B evenly and it's just worst makeup sponge I've ever used before.

Another problem that I found most people will kinda hate is the fact that this B.B came in a jar with a spatula. Some people will totally found this packaging not hygienic because you have to put the spatula back to the rest of the product. 

Despite stating that it'll make your skin 'shiny', I found out that this B.B has a semi-matte finish. Tried to apply this B.B without a primer on half of my face, and with a primer on the rest - at the end of the day both side of my face didn't have much difference! That is quite a shocker, because a BB cream that even has 'matte' label on it, isn't matte at all. 

This B.B felt really light on the skin, buildable coverage, has a very fresh scent and not at all sticky! This B.B might be everything that I look in a B.B cream!! There's only 1 REASON why this B.B is not on my HG list - the shade is too light for meeeeeee TT_TT 이럴수가.............

The coverage is actually much better than what I expected from a B.B with a gel texture. It could covers my blemishes but I still need concealer for my under eye.

I read somewhere that this B.B in #2 is suitable for MAC NC 25-30. That's is my shade! And when I swatched these, it matches the color of my hand! Really really sadly, when I put it on my face, the B.B made my face so pale that it definitely didn't match my neck. As much as I love Korean style makeup, that's the only thing I would never do to my face (using foundation lighter than my natural skin tone).


I know that B.B could oxidize to match one's skin tone more, but it didn't happen for me - after a good minute passes, the color is still too light for me :( 

So here's what I do to make my purchase didn't go to a waste :
  1. Apply the B.B only in the middle area of your face! Plus, bring in down to your neck f
  2. Don't use a foundation brush to apply the product because it will make the product more concentrated - thus make the face look more white
  3. Use bronzer to sculpt your face! The area that applied with the B.B will look as it was highlighted. Apply blush too if necessary!
  4. Mix it with another B.B with darker shade! Or, apply the darker B.B on the outside frame of your face.
I still feel the B.B make me so white :( and pink :(

I believe that this B.B is made so that you'll get over your makeup process faster, without hustle. But since the shade is too light for me, it seems like I tend to be extra careful with this B.B and ended up skipping this product when I need to get ready quickly :(

Sometimes I also felt not comfortable and lost my self-confidence when I felt like I over-layered this B.B. I think light foundation is one of my pet-peeves. or fear. lol

As much as I adore the formulation of this Aqua Petit Jelly B.B - I really hope that it'll come up with more shades!!! :(

Have you ever tried this B.B? Comment down below! 

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  1. Hi, where did you purchase this BB cream? Is it available on online shop?

  2. Hi! I purchased this BB cream in Korea *_* I think you can go to gmarket to find this or prettycute.com ? I think they have this!

  3. I mean prettyandcute.com!

  4. Oh i want to try this! thanks for the review http://weloveasianstuff.blogspot.mx/

  5. Totally get what you mean xD The bb cream looks like my color on my hand but when i blended it out it was soooo light on my face :3 But i love the coverage and how light it feels


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