REVIEW : Innisfree's Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3

i think few days ago someone commented on my blog, asking do I have the Innisfree's Creamy Tint Lip Mousse - I searched for the comment to reply "YES I HAVE IT" but I just can't find it anywhere! Anyway, Hello! This is a review for Innisfree's SS 2014 Collection Creamy Tint Lip Mousse!


      PRODUCT NAME      
크리미 틴트 립 무스
Creamy Tint Lip Mousse

      type of product      
Lip Cream

#3 향긋한 fresh coral

KRW 10.000

      site info     
innisfree official site

Hooray! We're talking about Innifree again! This time I'm going to share you a new collection of lip product from Innisfree that launched for SS 2014 collection. Innisfree has 7 shades available and mot of the colors are bright, vivid colors that really suitable for spring season.

I talked about this product too in the S/S Makeup Trend in Korea post because I really found that a lot of Korean that actually wear this lip cream almost everyday! 

I chose the #3 shade because I'm pretty sure that's their main color and the color looks really gorgeous on the model. And I really considered the rather nude, neutral one, but I think I should pick up something that I don't have already.

There's nothing special about the packaging, also the applicator. It has a very sweet, fruit-like scent, very much like skittles! Among some lip cream products that I tried, this product may have thickest texture out of all. 3CE's Lip Lacquer is definitely more creamier. 

Like most of lip creams, this product is crazy vivid, the pigmentation is so good! A little goes a long way. It has a matte finish, but it didn't dry sticky (Like Clio's Lipnicure - that's very sticky.). It dries into a velvety kinda feel. Also after you let it sets, the color doesn't really transfer so you don't really need to bloat it! 

I think the name is kinda misleading. Because it's rather than 'lip tint' it's more suitable to be called 'lip cream'. But if they're referring to the staining power, then it's still misleading because it didn't leave a noticeable stain from the product after the cream all erased. 

Of course comparing to lip glosses or lip creams with glossy finish, this matte lip cream last a little bit longer than them. But you can't compare this product with other lip tints because it didn't really staining the lips - it starting to disappears 2-3 hours after applying, and still look decent through 4-5 hours. 

BUT if you eat during the time, I found that it will completely removes all the color. So all the hours I typed before is if you're not eating any heavy foods, of course! And you can use this for your cheeks too! I'm not really a blush type of gal, so never tried it!

I honestly really like the texture and all that it actually gives, the one thing that if I could turn back time is to purchase the neutral shade one!! Because this shade looks quite 'normal' inside the room, but once I go to natural lightings, it turns slightly 'neon'y - which i can't barely stand! 

Plus, the warm #3 shade make my teeth slightly look yellowish - and for someone like me that is currently trying so hard to whiten the teeth, it certainly give me a little less confidence for the day. 

Still, I think it look quite pretty in the picture!

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