REVIEW : Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover

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To the review!
This time its a powder foundation from Shiseido second label, Majolica Majorca!

majolica majorca

      PRODUCT NAME      
Skin Remaker Pore Cover

      type of product      
pressed powder foundation


(case) KRW 12.000 | JPY 700
(refill) KRW 18.000 | JPY 1.800 

      site info     
majolica majorca official site (japanese)

This is definitely not something that I get by impulse because One, I think the packaging is kinda trashy and Two, it's freakin' expensive for something that Sailor Moon would use to transform herself. Up to this day, I'm still super embarrassed to take this out and use this in public - heck, my friends once pass this around because it's just so 'dazzling' as i might say.

(I also think the name is funny. I love how Japanese always come up with an English word that make sense - but in the same time made absolutely no sense!)

And talking about Majolica Majorca and their production / sales plan, I think their kinda genius (and also petty) because they sold the case and the refill separately. The case came in 2 color - gold and pink, both are 'dazzled'. The sponge applicator came in with the refill pack. And the refill pack came in 4 shades (BO10, BO20, OC10, OC20) 

Another powder from MM, the 'Pressed Pore Cover' was my first choice to purchase - though I always more intrigued with this more. Short story here, my friends were in Japan during the winter break, and I said to them like early before that I want to ask for something to buy while they're in Japan. I completely forgot about it. Not until they Kakaotalk me and ask for my request ASAP - And then I realized that I want this more! (Thankyou Kirana & Ci Kiomi! <3)

This powder is puuuuurfect for on the go. I use this mainly for touch-ups. Tried everything, from setting up foundation, foundation by itself, and touch-ups, turned out that it works best in the area. Plus, the big mirror! Another plus is the SPF 18 PA+, not much but SPF is still a good thing!

The powder have a matte finish, super great coverage, and very smooth when applied. During the day, usually around the side of my nose and the area under my lips, my foundation wore off - and this powder just magically repairs everything back into place! 


RIGHT withouth LEFT with the powder only

Although it's perfection for touch-ups, I don't find it works that well for setting up foundation or to be use as foundation alone. The result could appear very cakey - especially under natural lighting. The lasting power is so-so, not too long not too soon. Since the name is 'Pore Cover' I fell it's main purpose is to cover pores, right? My pores aren't crazy large so I still can say it does cover them up well. 

I found my shade through a blog, and I'm kinda surprised because their shade runs darker than I thought. For example I usually go for W21 - W23 in Korean products but this I go with the lightest shade. The others are either too yellow or basically too dark for me (I'm MAC NC25 btw!)

Overall, this product has been my life saver for a few good time! The packaging is definitely - and will still - not my cup of tea, nevertheless the product is super good!! Definitely read other people blogs about this product review because this product is quite expensive - I found reviews that are from years back, apparently this product has been around for a while! 

My friend said it is quite easy to get a hand for MM products in Japan - and if you're in Korea and want to get some MM products definitely check Olive Young. And psst the prices difference is not that big!

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  2. I love that this is compact, and the scent was fine too.
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  4. this product is amazing : ) it's a pity it is not available in Poland



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