REVIEW : Etude House's "EVERY MONTH" Cleansing Foam #5 May

If you read my Skin Care Routine post - you guys might know that I'm currently not using my Hadalabo Cleansing Foam. The Hadalabo cleansing foam is truly my favorite for like atleast 2 years now, because it works greatly for me I didn't feel the need to use or try any other cleansing foam

But! a few weeks ago, I found that Etude House launched a new cleansing line called "Every Month" Cleansing Foam. Recently I see EH been working on a lot of interesting product (Play 101 pencils - I see you!) so I purchased it anyway because it's really affordable!

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Every Month" #5 (May) Herb Greentea

      type of product      
Cleansing Foam

KRW 3.500

etude house official site

To talk briefly about this line, the "Every Month" has a total of 12 types of cleansing foams that will help resolving skin problems that mainly happen in that months. For example the January, February or the winter months have more moisturising property than the summer months. 

Of course you don't have to buy all to match the months - I purchased mine in April (like I actually care) because I think the May one is best match for my skin problems. Because it's available in 12 different kinds, I'm sure you can find one for your troubles because it's all very specific and different!

I'm actually interested with the June one because it's targeted for troubled skin, but at that time it was all sold out. Because I am using Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree, I think the greentea in this #5 will pretty much my whole skin care routine. 

I love the packaging - white, simple with cute pictures to represent each month. Comes in a squeeze tube that everyone like and it's quite small (100ml). I guess because it's the product concept to helps one skin troubles in one month. 

So here's the description from the bottle : 

"This is a cleansing foam that cleanses skin with its green tea extract for uneven, troubled skin"

What a short description comparing to the Korean. I can't translate all the Korean description - but it tells that this can help with excess oil on your face especially in hotter months. 

I don't actually like greentea, I totally hate its scent, even. BUT this cleansing foam didn't smell like green tea at all. It smells very refreshing, little bit flowery, but it smells really nice! This is might the reason why I use this more than my Hadalabo lately because the Hadalabo didn't really have the nicest scent ever (it smells like tear drops).

This cleansing foam have thicker texture, so it's leather rather thick too. I think every cleansing foams in the "Every Month" line have super different textures so this one it's on the thicker side. 


Let me summarise the reasons why I like this cleansing foam :
  • Nice scent!! 
  • Cleans my makeup! (I still have to go with my makeup remover for some minor left overs though! Like mascaras or eyeliners..)
  • Makes my face feel clean - like really squeaky clean!
I don't recommend this to people with dry skin. Even people with normal skin might could still find this cleansing foam is too harsh for their skin. This cleansing foam literally will strip all your excess oil down - which is perfect for someone that has oily face like me! Nevertheless, this cleansing foam is perfect for my skin condition - I really recommend to use creams or stuff after washing your face or not I'm sure your face will feel kinda stiff until your natural oil came back lol 

Overall, this product is totally beyond my expectation. Despite of its affordable price - the quality it gives is very satisfying! I found that my skin is in better condition after I use this (like, really!). It's been a while since I found a favorite product in Etude House, so I'm really happy!! Before I repurchase this (yes, I totally will! I only have like a quarter left..) I have to go through all tubes and tubes of my Hadalabo cleansing foam. Ha. Ha. 

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  1. A bit late but for the benefit of everyone reading this, you use a different cleanser each month as the seasons progress through the year. Basically on drier months you need less oil stripping and more moisture, etc.

    Obv no one needs to buy all 12 but you might find a few that are compatible with your skin type and needs that should suit you all-year.


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