So, as I told you on my Bobbi Brown Foundation review, I took my yearbook picture last week. And I'm gonna share my #FOTD and also the makeup I use. Also I want to share a little bit of my 'unique' experience on yearbook photo session here in Korea.

For the make up, I decided to go really easy on the eye shadows and stuff because we're doing a outdoor photo session. I focused more on building a perfect canvas and contouring and highlighting. I did heavier eye brow to make sure they're not washed away and also I put on some fake lashes because usually my lashes aren't visible from up front because of my eyeliners :(

For the lips, I decided to go with pinky rose. I mixed two products, tint water and moisturizing lipstick to make this shade. I use the tint first to make sure the colour stay longer, and moisturizing lipstick because sometime lip tint could accentuates dryness.

Makeup I used (links to reviews I made) 

"Candy Doll" Shading Powder
"E.L.F Cosmetic" Contouring Blush and Bronzer
"Milani" Baked Blush in Luminoso 
"Real Technique" Beauty Sponge

"Lorac PRO" Eye shadow Palette
"3W Clinic" Eye brow pencil
"Lorac PRO" Liquid eyeliner
"Kiss Me" Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara #03
"Shu Uemura" Eyelash Curler
"Aritaum" Fake eyelash in #02 Petit Volume 


For the outfit, I go with the classic Black and White look. We are given free dress code, and I still chose black and white because it won't be outdated - and I do want to keep the yearbook forever. My black skirt and shoes are from H&M and my white shirt and necklace are from Forever21. 

So, our picture are taken twice, one outdoor and it's a group and individual shoots, and one in the studio with all the toga and it's individual. The Yearbook photo shoot is not mandatory, you can choose to not participating. In my uni, the yearbook will be given to all student free of charge. All the photo shoots are free of charge too. 

The photo shoot this year are held much later than past few years, we guessed it's because of the 'Sewolho' ferry accident because most of the events in all Korea (yes, ALL) is either cancelled and delayed until further notice. 

The announcement for the photo session schedules are released only a week before - we, Indonesians - or most are, or at least me, have already put in mind that we'll gonna take a yearbook picture, so we've prepared the outfits and stuff. While most of the Koreans are not ready for the photo shoot, even in my friend's major there're only 4 people showed up, and all of them are the foreigners. We have 60++ seniors in my major, and 17+ came, and that's considered a lot! Even the photographer ahjusshi has to convinced the students that they're going to photoshop the pictures anyway so we shouldn't be worried about the pictures. 

I think, despite how ugly the picture will come out at the end, yearbooks are important. Again, this event (where most people didn't want to have yearbook pictures) is a big cultural shock to us. 

So here's the picture that my lovely 동생 took! (Thankyou Clarissa muah muah :* )

lower heart pose that the photographer suggest all the student to pose in. Funny huh?

Even though we took the pictures now, we won't be graduating until next year lol. So wish me luck and thankyou so much for reading gais! xx

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  1. Uuggghhh uri onni very pretty ~~ >0<
    Where did you buy the shoes on?


  2. The lower heart pose must be so awkward LOL. Good luck on your study!



  3. 야 넌 내글 안 읽느냐? kkkkkkkk di h&m darlings :*

  4. I see my fellow friends taking graduation photos around and I envy them :))

    You look beautifull !!

    I don't understand why people didn't want to have yearbook picture ~~


  5. Owwww I read it wrong xD

    so you won't be graduating till next year?

    Good luck xD

    By the way all I could think about the lower heart pose is.. OVERDOSE xD

  6. So pretty I want the skirt so badddd omg♥♥♥


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