REVIEW : Peripera "Peri Tint Water"

Ugh it's finals week and I'm dying because obviously my professors were kind enough to give us project + report + portfolio to submit by next week PLUS the written exam. wut? And here is the moment when I really really really wanted to be a Korean so so so bad so that I could actually wrote something in the exam paper, or atleast the skill to actually understands the question which sometime it's hard already because all of the question is in KOREAN. fml. anyway I wasted my last weekend to procrastinate so I might be die by next week. kthxbye

...to the review!

One thing that comes in my mind looking to this tint's character there : "Is this a makeup brand that 2NE1 made?" No joke. I know there's a 2NE1 Music Video where they were drawn as somewhat cartoon characters. Maybe it's just the same illustrator because they do look similar. (After a quick search of google, it is the same illustrator as 2NE1's MV and Album cover! very talented!)

Anyway this is the cutest packaging ever a tint could have. Just make sure you don't mix them with nail polishes because they are sure look similar. This might be a cheaper alternative for Benefit's Benetint. I never actually tried the Benetint so I can't compare the products. And honestly I'm also not a fan of something 'tinted'. This is the first time in my life to try a water-tine product ever.

As you can see the liquid is very very water-like, very runny. Mine is #1 Cherry Juice 체리 쥬스. I believe they have a total of 5 colors? and other variations such as the more creamy one (I regret not getting those instead of this one actually), the chubby-stick-kinda-one and lip balms and stuff. If you're in Korea you can get these in Olive Young for about KRW 7.000. You can go to Gmarket to look for more great prices!

Honestly speaking, again, maybe because this is my first time experience in lip-tinting world, I haven't master completely on applying this product :(

IT ALWAYS GETS INTO MY TEETH!! I' ve attempted to try those popular lip-coloring technique where you make a gradation over your lips so that the inner lips are more tinted and gradually disappears as it goes outward which I failed badly lol.

Atleast it's not like Nature Republic's lip tint (very similar too this product too), because NR's taste so bitter but this one does not taste anything (Is it weird to review a lip tint and talking about its taste. hem). So make sure to check your teeth before going out wearing this lip tint.

The applicator actually pretty nice. sturdy and I prefer applicator like this.
The staining power is great and for such a cheap price it's recommended for people out there that are lip-tint fan. I think I'm gonna stick to normal lipsticks until I got a hang out of it.

with one layer. Can't show teeth because it's all red

2-3 layer. I prefer this look! with my every day look and using blusher from the post before this. click HERE to see the review too!

oh yeah. mind my messy room. final week!!!! no time!!

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  1. Nice photo beauty ! <3
    I follow you... I hope you do the same :-)


  2. I tried to leave a comment while I was browsing your blog on my phone but that didn't turn out too well.

    Your comment about the tint getting all over your teeth made me laugh out loud but I really do think you'll improve with time! I'm a total noob to lip tints but I've started to get the hang of them. I like them so much more than lipsticks!

    Thanks for the review! =)


    1. LOL! You know I have to brush my teeth first before I took the pictures because the color stained my teeth! I need intensive lip-tint applying practice starting today!! :D

      thankyou for reading and commenting :)))

  3. Red looks really good on you! I have a pink and orange one in this but as much as I love it, it is very hard to control.

    1. thankyou! :D YES I've practiced recently but its still hard for me to make a gradient lips :' love the staying power tho!


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