Outfit of the Day + Things I did this weekend

I got shot today. Not actually real shot though. They just took my blood for this non-sense mandatory health check up for all foreigners in my uni. It's nice because they actually care, but please, taking care of our body is the least we can do living in a foreign country, they are more more and much stuffs in other part that you can took concern off, for examples providing us with student center so that we foreigners could "silently" gather together. I did appreciate the health check up, sure I want to know how much "healthier" I got since i first come in, despite over-eating of McD and burgerking because the canteen menus are suck. OH the canteen menus please take care of that please please I don't want to eat rice with spaghetti, and those shells soup that smells like sewer water. That's just gross. And please if I asked for more pasta in change of the rice (because I don't want to eat pasta WITH rice) please tell the ahjummas to not butt in my business by saying I'll gain weight because I ate too much pasta. EXCUSEME??


So last weekend I got together with my friends to get some lunch! Its been a while since I last post something actually related to my blog name (Believe me this blog is supposed to be a food and coffee post)

We went a place called 'DANGOL 627' and it's a fairly new place in KyungDae area. Most of the menus are for 2 people serving and that kinda concept of the restaurant is quite common here in Korea, because sharing food with your friends is also a culture. 

Even though it is 2 persons serving, comparing to similar restaurant such as 'Elkins' or 'Ms. House' the portion is actually quite small, you can totally eat one food for yourself but it will get pricy. The good thing about the restaurant is actually you can also order 1 person serving (It's not actually written but you can see those by their price. Cheaper means you get smaller serving, right?) unlike Elkins, which all of their menus are for 2-3 people.

The Interior

I suspect they have a special requirements for the staff, like for example, you have to be good looking(?) because I swear everytime I went here there is always an atleast above-average-cute-staff.(Sorry can't take pictures, I don't want to be looked as a weirdo).

The restaurant doesn't feel korean-y at all, the always play popular western music, and somehow make me feel like I'm in Jakarta! Like in one of many Jakarta's posh and nice restaurant. 

I'm gonna slip in some outfits of the day here :

I did not look happy because it is awkward to do this kinda stuff in public but I really want some OOTD shots because I just want too!

Stripes one piece : thrifted (Whooot, yes I got this off a vintage store)
Outer, chiffon bomber jacket : Bought in a next door school bazzar, second hand.
Bag : H&M
open toe heels : H&M
Beanie : H&M

I think the menu board grew larger than the last time I went there

We decided to order Hanwoo Marbled Beef Oil Pasta and a pizza I forgot the name.
Lemme introduce you to the member of Sunday-Lunch! I went with Wanda and Jessica (which you might recognize from the videos I posted). Wanda is fixed member for the Sunday-Lunch-Club haha. Jessica is also like me, makeup freak, or at least she wears makeup on a daily basis. We attend the same university but in different major.


Jessica, the photographer
she totally looks like Korean.

Conclusions : everything was delicious. and they gave us a service soda eventhough we didn't bring the free soda coupon so it was nice! 
#foodgasm #foodporn START!

The green tea mini macarons - also free of charge! A little bit down because I hate green tea but hey! I could eat those stuff because they don't even taste like one! :D


It's like the girls cant stop talking we move to Ediya coffee for desert and more juicy gossiping time!

Blueberry bagel, Ice green tea, Ice vanilla latte, and Hot Milk Tea for me!

Thankyou for reading. hehe


  1. i know how you feel.. sometimes it feels awkward to take ootd pics in public >< love your jacket color! looking so cute with the beanie too!

    1. That jacket is a lucky find lol thankyou so much as always! :*

  2. Your style sooo cute! I like your warm and bright style! :)


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