Adventure with Lisa Part 2 - Tokyoloose @ Seomyeon 도쿄루즈

Summer break supposed officially started on last friday, but I still have an exam left on Thursday. wth with finals on summer break! Grah I don't think I could even concentrate on that test. I also have to move out from my room to another room for the summer. I need my summer break! Because every of my friends is finished with their exams (duh) we did a lot of shopping for summer stuff. I felt guilty for tasting summer break even though its not even started (for me)

This post is a second part of this POST. read them too! 

For this part 2 of the adventure, we went to get some desserts at a cafe in Seomyeon called "Tokyoloose" 도쿄루즈 - 서면 I felt that comparing to the English spelling. he Korean spelling is much much more appealing. I don't even know why. 

Lisa said that this cafe is somewhat famous, even people from Seoul come especially looking for this place (though she didn't know why as Seoul have much more good places)


The cafe itself is pretty spacey, and it is full. We're so glad we still got a place near the window. Another cute stuff from this cafe (Even though I couldn't snap it) it's the waiters! They have a friggin' super cute uniform ever grah! felt like I'm in Akihabara's Maid Cafe or something.
The cutely uniformed waiters are really kind, almost annoyingly kind because I always felt they're watching us all the time for any help then could give. Also, if they could, there'll minimal 2 waiter that will take your order, serve your food, even turn your plate like I'm a little kid that just learned how to eat by myself.

 Americano for Lisa because she is Korean

 Always vanilla latte for me

Two desserts that I couldn't recall the names

Overall the nuance was so homey, look at those lace doily! Feels like I'm a guest is some strangers home. I don't recall the name of these two angels sent from heaven, but I remember that they're KRW 5.000 each. As Lisa said this cafe is famous with its dessert so almost all the delicious looking ones are all sold out.

But doesn't mean this one is not. I think this is quite cheap for a KRW 5.000 stuff, I think 1 portion is enough, eating two is kinda too much. But it's ok, I still have my dessert tummy open wide. 

Also, they served you another peach tea for every dessert purchase! Not only cake, you can also enjoy 'Patbingsoo' 팥빙수 or Ice red bean, which is like Korean summer must-have dessert there. I saw alot of people ordered the green tea patbingsoo, which also big in portion!

I'm really glad that Lisa took time to meet me (even treated me!) and recommend me such a great and pretty place :D
It was raining all day looooooong that day, so hanging out at a really nice cafe really did bring out the sadness that the rain brings
From :( to :DDDDDDDD
I fell I need to come back and taste those sold-out cakes!!


  1. oh my, you are living my dream!
    I always want to study in Korea but then it was all too late..

    that Tokyo Loose looks like a beautiful and lovely place :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. Yes, it is! It's never too late though, or you can play to Busan and visit there :3 hehe
      studying here is sometime killing me tho :p

  2. Wow everything looks sooo yummy! and the place looks cozy as well :)

    Oh and please visit my blog if you have time, it's on shabrinahazimi.blogspot.com ;)
    currently I'm living in Japan and blog about (mostly) my trip here. Thanks!

  3. How can I go to this cafe? Reachable by subway?

    1. Of course! If you're taking the subway, start from exit #2, go straighhhhhhhhhhhht until you see 고려안경 and turn left (or the fourth left turn you'll pass) and the go straight again and you'll find tokyoloose on your right side. Or you could just ask some people because I heard that it's quite popular :D

      good luck!


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