REVIEW : IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX-Cover

I've prepared a bunch of fashion - ootd post, so let me sneak in one beauty review here

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX-Cover in #23 Cover Beige. This is the old packaging. Recently IOPE released new variation of the product, which I'm sure the cover line still work the same as the one I purchased.

Even though this product is quite new to me (not really actually, been atleast 3 months+ since I purchase it, but I never heard of them until before I got to buy them) apparently this product is almost every Korean holy-grail for sunblock + bb cream product.

One thing that made me decided I HAVE TO HAVE THIS PRODUCT is the SWEAT-PROOF this product claim to have. WUT??

As the packaging, similar like other compact-bb product, it have a separator between the actual product and the puff. Brand new product have a seal over the cushion to prevent.... I don't know what it prevent...it's just there's a seal there, so you have to release it first.

As for the 'cushion' part, it makes the product (with is quite liquid-y) does not go everywhere, especially if you carry this pact around. Seeing the packaging, it's quite clear that the product actually support you to touch up in the middle of your day!

For the sweat-proof, I can't really say that this product is effective on that because it's does glide really light on the skin. Doesn't feel heavy at all. That means it wouldn't be much trouble if my face sweats or anything compared to heavier face product.

The products is really watery! It said contained 30% Hydro Mineral Water, also effective for skin-brightening, sunblock, cooling effect and coverage!

Goes really smooth on the skin, I read on some review blogs that claims the sponge absorbs too many product, so many prefer using foundation brush to apply the product. I sometimes use both brush and sponge, but I do think the sponge give better finish, but my foundation brush (a dense round buffing brush) works better at coverage. 

image from : iope.com

As for the other variation of the product (new), they also have Air-Cushion XP in Natural (2 shades #21 and #23), Shimmer (1 shade #22), Cover (2 Shades #21 and #23). If you need more coverage, then choose 'cover' line.

But as I use this product, this particular product have a very light coverage, I think you could build them out just a little bit more. If you have extreme discoloration / acne scaring/ blemishes, I recommend to use this before your foundation / bb cream routine to give some SPF protection. It's really light too on the skin so it wouldn't be a problem to combine them with other face product.

Overall I like this product!! Especially recently my skin is in a good condition, so this product is good for everyday wear, and quite easy to apply. I usually fold the sponge to make sure the product get into the sides of my nose, under my eyes etc.

Of course I sometime have to use some concealer. And the finish of the product, as every other Korean product, it's honestly too dewy for me. I have to set them up with my setting powder. But if you have no problem with the dewy finish, then you could totally carry them and touching up in the middle of the day. For me, I don't get the idea of touching up my foundation, because it's just weird. haha

Anyway, this product retail about KRW 38.000, and did I said you also got one refill package? It's like buying 1+1 product! ha! This product is SOOO GOOD for summer, or super hot country, like saying, INDONESIA. Grah! If only I discovered this product while I'm there for the holiday. Anyway, you heard the good stuff, go buy them now!!!

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  1. They have a new version of this and I really wanted to try one. Still keeping money for this since this is really expensive o.o


    1. Yes, they were quite pricey, but as I said in the post, you got a refill, so 1+1! :D Definitely get them if you could!

  2. OMG it is super pricey but i saw many bloggers or vloggers used this and like this sooo much.
    FYI, your link to your instagram has a little problem. please re check the url :p you missed the ":" :)

    1. OMG thankyou so much for noticing! I've put double http! :D Yeah, no kidding the reviews on the Internets, and I saw with my own eyes hundreds and thousands of Korean actually uses this!

  3. Where do you buy it? And what color is this shade cover 23?

  4. love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea
    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^
    oh and my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !


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