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Today was a happy and easy peasy day. Usually I really hate Tuesday because whoever made the class schedule obviously never been a fashion design student. I don't get it, among 5 other weekdays how could you put 2 classes that requires most concentration, that always gives out report/stuff every other week IN THE SAME FREAKING DAY. Tuesday : Fabric Dye class in the morning with report (in KOREAN) to submit every week (if you already did the dyeing, if not then the dyeing process also becomes a homework fml) & Draping Class (Which, is, the, bomb). Draping class is basically you drapes your fabric into the mannequin and turns them into clothing piece, with whatever technique you can. anyway, I always hate tuesday because it always tires me the most, plus I have Batak Dance practice in the evening which is perfect. But today! it was so easy because our class only learned how to make mandarin collar and that's it! the class for this semester is finished!! (actually the finals are waiting. but atleast I don't have any class next week and today was just, EASY! muahahahhaa)

ehem. to the real post!

Hello! I'm trying to be a little bit productive lately, by doing a lots of shopping, so anyhoo!
This time I went to Etude House and I actually just wanted to check out their "Color Pop" new collection for the summer (Because my friends said it had the most ridiculous-est lipstick name ever, and I couldn't agree more.)

Ok, so the first lipstick is the bright pink one is I believe from their spring collection. The color is 놀란핑크 PK014 - which translate into "shocking pink" and I couldn't agree more. I actually already have the similar color in my Revlon lip butter - in lollipop. But this one dries to matte finish and I think it could stay much longer than my revlon lip butter because to be honest, you have to reapply bright colored lipstick with the help of a mirror, and it is really annoying (I hate reapplying my makeup, anything, in the middle of the day) So that's why I like everything long-lasting.

Next is the orange-y lipstick from the "Color Pop" collection. The color is 일단 오렌지 OR215 - which I can't translate what that means, it just doesn't make sense. Ok I'll try lah, "firstly, orange". That is the best I could translate. They have the most non-sense name ever in the history of korean makeup I ever encounter, the names were in Korean even. Korean speaker, try to look up their names because it is a pure joke.

Anyhoo -- about the product! I don't actually know the reason my Etude House (not mine, but I refer to the closest Etude House store in my area) uses a orange colored light over the collection of orangey lipstick, because honestly speaking I couldn't see the difference of those 10++ lipsticks under the orange lighting!!!

So when I actually got home, I don't like the color as much because it looks different :(
I don't actually like the packaging either. (Now I'm wondering why did I bought them in the first place. Hem)

As not per usual, I paid for these price full price. Which that's why the disappointment just tripled.

Next is eyeliner! Proof 10 Liquid Liner in BR402 Coffee Brown

It is a very special day, the day when I visited EH, because I don't actually wore any eye makeup (I was quite in hurry I don't have time to put on my eyeliner)
So in EH store, I sneakily (not really) put on some eyeliner (which actually a lot of people does that). And I put on this eyeliner.. And then! I accidentally smudged them, and they don't budge!! AT ALL! I was like wooooooow I need this liner!! I've been loving the eyeliner not only because they don't smudge on me, they also don't stick to my eyelashes as much as the cheaper eye liner one from EH (They sucked btw).

The brush is quite thin, and it's not a brush-brush, but a felt tip kinda brush, so for first timer -- or eyeliner learner out there, this is a great eyeliner to start off with!

It is also a dupe for Makeup Forever aqua liner. According to my senior both have very similar finish (and packaging actually) but EH's dries more slowly than the Makeup Forever's


  1. glad to hear that your tuesday class is not as tiring as usual! im going to university in august so im a bit curious yet excited.the eyeliner looks pretty good! i just cant resist buying things from EH ><

    1. Believe me girl nothing beats out high School!!! High school is just the best haha thankyou! This tuesday is just heavenly ❤

  2. absolutely stunning colors!!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  3. the lipsticks are so beautiful! I might check these out for myself. The packaging is amazing as well!

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