Adventure with LISA - (1) FAIR MOUTH

Last Friday, I hung out with one of my newest Korean Friend! Her name is Lisa, and we met by doing our Uni Student-Teacher Program, basically it's a program which assigned 1 foreigner with 4 Korean student and basically teaching them English and stuffs. Lisa is one of my 'student' and we have a lot in common! 

It's my first time ever teaching but they students were pretty cool and patient! I Wuff you guys! Lisa & Tom, Jenna & Leon! Thankyou! 

BTW, remember the post where I talked about "Hotdeals in Korea" fb page is hosting?
Apparently I WON the skin79 products! I will of course review them ASAP! 

ANd also kindly "LIKE" their FB page so that you'll be updated with their new informations (they post a lot about Korean makeup tips and trick, products, inspirations and stuff like that!) and they're also holding another giveaway so check them out! and Good Luck! :P

Back to the adventure! We spend total of 6 hours together, we went to Lisa's restaurant recommendations, and apparently she really knows a LOT about great place in Busan! This time we went to Seomyon, which is basically Busan's downtown. We went for a restaurant called "Fair Mouth"
Can you guess what restaurant it is?

The answer : Mexican and Japanese Fusion Restaurant! 
Doesn't seem like it right
Most of their food are Mexican food but with Japanese style toppings and fillings.
Lisa was really nice, she treat me this time around! 

Lisa <3 She have a hate-hate relationships with the internet and personal life so, not gonna talk more! :p

The interior is really nice, totally sticks up to their name.
Lisa said that this place were quite famous, but weirdly the time we were there there're no other customer other than us! ha

I really like the interior and everything because they have really unique trinkets and small details that just really really really random and cute! I think their choice of name is a somewhat random. 

 Old dentistry chair. I cringe everytime I saw these kinda thing.

Above are pictures of the indoor patio part of the restaurant. But unfortunately you can't dine here. But it's just nice because you got the feeling of broad space which not a lot of Korean restaurant can serve. 

 Bathtub as fish-tank. Can't get more random

We ordered Nori taco and Miso Cheese Quesadilla. And cheese french fries. Which gave me the cheese-shock. Little cheese angels just flew over my head, circling over and sang the holy-cheese song. 

ok. ehem.

I don't think I taste any of the miso flavor here. But still it is so so yummy 

as if I'm not fat enough. MOAR FUUD MOARRR.

Ok, awkward story. So Lisa don't know that I was a carnivore. I hate vegetables. I can't eat them. They're enemy. But I love onion. Onion is the only exception.

The one I chose, the quesadilla, of course does not contain any sort of visible large inhuman vegetables so its fine and thus I choose them. But Lisa chose Taco, which 80% of the fillings are veggie. And I totally forgot how Korean always share food (Actually at first I thought "Taco" was タコ as in たこやき "Takoyaki" which I could totally eat. BUT IT WAS TACOS. NOOOO) so to cut the story short, I HAVE to eat the veggies taco. Of course it would be rude to not share food. 

And so I gather up all the courage I had left, and pick up the taco and crunching them up. GOD I hate the sound of crunching vegetables. As I chew them I was like, "Ok, it's ok, it's good, no actually it is really good, it's good!"
Then this conversation started : 

Lisa : Can you taste it?
Me : What? The vegetables? *while keeping my cool*
Lisa : No, the wasabi! It's inside
Me : Wh... what? wasabi? 

Then suddenly all this wasabi flavor I have been ignoring slowly spreading on my tongue and...

Me : Oh sure, the wasabi.. it's yummy....! *grabs my fanta* *gulping them like crazy*

God, Lisa don't read this blog post please. lol

(But the foods are really GOOD. The taco actually doesn't taste that bad. I like it! I honestly went on frenzy and Kakaotalk my friends and my mother on how I ate that much of vegetables. lol. but seriously. My vegetable eating record is beaten and been set up to a new level, a whole taco. But seriously again next time I'm going there I gonna stick with the quesadilla.)

Still it was a very very pleasing time! After that we went to grab some desert because our chubby cheeks are not pleased enough! 

But I'm gonna write that on a separate post! So see you till then! :D 



  1. Hey,
    Nice blog.. Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC..!!!
    Keep in touch

  2. nice blog dear! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)


  3. min, gue mau nanya, kalo biaya nyewa rumah disana mahal ya?? kalo buat stay di korea 1 bulan bagusan nyewa rumah/ngekost atau di hotel??

    1. MIN?? haha ini bukan forum say.. anw kalau mau nyewa rumah biasa pake duit deposit yg lmyn gede, kalau mau stay satu bulan, aku saranin coba cari guest house. Mereka semacam motel buat para bagpackers dan ada yang bayarnya bulanan. Kebanyakan guest houst memang ditargetkan buat foreigner, jadi coba search di google biasanya mereka pasti punya website pake bahasa inggris :)

    2. haha sorry sis, bingung gue mau pake apa nyapanya. kalo pake 'sist' ga masalahkan?? :)
      thanks ya sis, ntar kalo ada yang pengen gue tanyain, bisa nanya ke sis lagikan??

    3. haha ok gapapa selama aku bisa jawab aku pasti jawab!! :D

  4. haha sorry sis, bingung gue mau pake apa nyapanya. kalo pake 'sist' ga masalahkan?? :)
    thanks ya sis, ntar kalo ada yang pengen gue tanyain, bisa nanya ke sis lagikan??

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