Cafe 101 : Tea N More + LOOKBOOK

Projectfilia @ youtube brought you back : 

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In this lookbook there's Jessica, Filia, Saras, Wanda, and Vania!
Click on the names for more detailed pictures of them! 

This time, I'll also talk about the cafe we use as our 'waiting room' 
The weather is being ridiculously hot and humid, and it will be like a punishment if you ask the photographer ( I and Saras) to standing under the sun, in heels. So we usually take this time also to explore new cozy cafe! 

We went to a place called 'Tea N More', this place is located near Pukyong Uni (which is a neighboring Uni next to ours). Very spacey and the interior is a mixed between old and antique, with minimalism and modern touch here and there. 

very dry and not at all delicious free popcorn

Unlike any other cafe, they offer many, many varieties of teas. But because we wandered for a while under the sun, we don't even want and bother to think which tea is delicious. So we go ahead and order....... smoothies.

Great move everybody! haha

Ice caffe latte for me, I need some caffeine! 

And to the heavy-ass pictures and behind the scenes of the lookbook making! 

Vania si centil gelung-gelung rambut.



  1. nyinyi kenapa akunya cacat kamunya cantiiikk :/

    1. dih! 니 귀여운데예! lol eh aku punya foto kamu dua kok yang masuk cuma satu, bentar deh dipasang lagi satu lagi foto vania :D ih kamu kok bs2 sih komen disini!!


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