Beauty Haul : VDL (브이디엘)

I'm sure not a lot you guys know about "VDL" - This brand is relatively new in Korean market, currently has 16 online stores. VDL was first produced by a makeup artist from the States, Wendy Rowe. VDL is short for Violet Dream Luminous, you can see the stores are filled with violet color.

Even though it's consider very new and unfamiliar, VDL successfully taking me in with their simple and modern packaging (some really similar to other brands, many are similar to MAC) unlike other Korean brand. You can read more about VDL here

Now to the haul!

First, Festival Eye Shadow in 201 Vanilla Cream and 202 Cork

I've tried them today, and it was ok. The pigmentation of 'Cork' is not the best, but I like the finish. Quite good staying power though, it did stays put in my eyelid quite well! I'm still in the middle of testing them so I can't say much but overall it's ok!

I pick up these two color because I think I could get a good use out of them for my daily look. So next time I have any trips I don't have to bring my naked palette, I'm good with them! 

The packaging is similar to MAC's single eyeshadow, but instead of black, they choose to go with dark grey.

Next is their nail polish. I think they have the cutest bottle EVER! Look at that! LIPS! Grahh! But this cute packagin means less product. But I never emptied a nail polish ever so I'm not even bothered. I pick out 201 Finger Beige and 701 Off White. Writing this post I felt like there's a pattern of color choosing I did here.

I planned to use the finger beige on my toe nail for the summer because I think they could made my toe less dirty looking pretty for the summer! Haven't tried them yet so I can't talk about their staying power and stuff :(

Next, Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) in Matte Intense 108 Brody.

They named their lipstick with boy names, so just for fun how about buying lipstick with you crush/boyfriend name on it? Maybe they'll like the color! haha (No Kim SooHyun? .............okay...... o_o)

Aside from its simple packaging, they have magnetic cap that clicks when you put on the cap. It's super practical means no cap-losing in the purse! I'm not the type of girl that put her makeup in a pouch, I usually just toss everything in my purse, so it's really annoying if I lose my lipstick cap (Etude House's Look at my Lips, I'm talking to you)

This lipstick is nice la, doesn't have the best pigmentation and it is also not the creamiest lippies I own. So if you have dry lips make sure you moisturize before you apply it. I personally like lippies that slightly not creamy because I have a lot of messy experience with super creamy lipsticks and I don't like them since.

Check out the colors available here!

Lastly, Beauty Sun "Long Lasting" SPF 50 + PA+++

"A powerful moisturizing sunscreen [formulated with prune water] for the face that defends against UVA/UVB rays with cause sunburn, cell damage, dryness, and premature signs of aging such as fine lines"

I love this product, blends well, do not leave any white cast, doesn't smell weird, NON STICKY, just per-fect-o! I use this product after my moisturizer, before primer. Summer is here and I better start using a nice sun screen. I think this is the product I liked best from this haul!

Thankyou for reading, see my other post for other Korean brand product review!

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  1. really love the nail polish package >< a lipstick with kim soohyun's name on it would be great though,lol.

    1. right! I love the packaging so much :3 totally buying any lipstick that have kimsoohyun name on it haha <3

  2. Thank you for the review dear!

    Would you like to visit/follow each other?<3

    1. thankyou so much for visiting! I've followed you blog, cool one btw x

  3. I have been never used VDL product! It remind of me MAC like you said. :)

    Thanks for the great review!
    I'll scrap your work at my FB fanpage.


  4. the nail polish.... so cuteeeee

  5. "I'm talking TO you" ;)
    ur english is good, but u still need to fix ur grammar in many sentences :)

    1. thankyou for fixing my writing!! haha yes grammar is definitely not my forte :/ hehe

  6. Hi, im wondering if you know where i can order some of their products that ships to US? i really want to try some of their stuffs but I cant find where to get my hands on some :(

    1. Hi Mei! The most trusted site that I could recommend to you is gmarket! And they sure have a lot of VDL products and you can search for the one that have free shipping to you!

      Browse them here : http://gsearch.gmarket.co.kr/Listview/Search?keyword=vdl

      I hope that helped!

    2. thanks for the reply!

      btw you have a really nice blog!!

    3. thankyou Mei! That is like the best compliment ever! :")

    4. Mei you can search up VDL at ebay.com
      they've got vdl products and offer free shipping to USA


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