I did this in May but I posted this in June...sigh

Today I went to get some lunch with my friends and I decided to dress nicely because it's been awhile since I got to dress up and wear some heels so i went not all out but dressed just a little bit nicer because I wore a dress but turns out my friends are so slouchy I was so embarrassed of myself because it looks like I tried so hard not like we're going to meet any boys or what but another reason I dress nicely is because I want to do OOTD fashion blogger style and I brought my heavy ass camera and I asked my friend to shot me OOTD fashion blogger style which she knew nothing about so I just kept standing there in the restaurant looking like a giant because I wore heels I'm not actually that tall but I'm living on the taller average size and the waiters keep on "excuse me" because I was standing near the busiest path ever on the restaurant and I kept on "hurry up hurry up" but she did not even turn on the camera yet but luckily the pictures came out nicely so OOTD POST NEXT!

Anyhoooo! Last 2-3 weeks ago Innisfree went to its monthly membership sale and I got less crazy than before, I was able to stop myself buying all these stuffs even though they are crazy cheap. Not that cheap sih actually but still not paying full price thingy always gets me!

Read my last month's Innisfree haul HERE

First, Innsifree Eau de toilette in "Sweet Touch of Joy" - Love the scents. I had the blue one before which is "Ocean's Fresh Breeze" which I completely felt in love with (thought a lot of my friend said I smell like an aromatherapic candle when I sprayed on the blue one, I do like the scent!). It is small in packaging but it last quite long. The pink one smells like sour-sweet tropical fruit? even though I couldn't figure out what exactly the fruit is. Anyway I think it is very suitable for the summer and it is once again, quite small, so you can bring it in your purse and the bottle is made out of glass so it's more durable.

Second, Jeju Volcanin pore toner. Haven't try them until this second because I still haven't run out of my Etude House's wonder pore toner (in which I believes, does nothing for my pore) So I hope to see a great results from this.

Third, Eco Beauty Tool - Purifying brush shampoo. Recently a lot of other Korean brands come out with their own 'brush shampoo' which a lot of them are very "alcohol-y" and you have to soak your brush into the liquid for some quite amount of time. I did tried the face shop one and it didn't do a very good job. So because this is a "shampoo" for deep cleaning the brush i expect good things!

Fourth, Capsule Recipe Pack! I got 4 of them but I only could show you 3 because I've used the blue one which is for trouble skin. This product got great reviews almost everywhere and I was always curious on how they will do wonders for my skin. I got a good 3 uses out of it, and I applied the mask with a masker brush. I will do a review in the near future!

This is the screen shot that I got from their website and because I'm a very hard working person I'll post the translation of the ingredients + functions of each masks

(the top line)
#1 Moisturizing - Green tea
#2 Relaxing (for less acne too, I guess) - Aloe Vera
#3 Better (lighter) skin tone - Seaweed
#4 Skin elasticity (firming) - Pomegranate Bubble?
#5 Refreshing - canola & honey

(bottom line)
#6 Brightening - Rice & pearl
#7 Trouble skin (acne prone face) & moisturizing - Bija? (some kinda Jeju's leaf) & aloe vera
#8 For smaller pore - volcanic ashes
#9 dead skin removal (face scrub?) - Apricot yogurt
#10 Trouble skin (super acne!) - Jeju's Bija leaf & Teatree

Fifth, Mineral Water Foundation is shade 23. I think I'm going to do a review about it so I'm not going to talk much about this foundation. I like these foundation but I also found some downside of the product such as the "Water"-like consistency, and the setting time which is so so so fast. 

Ok thankyou so much for reading my blog post! haha
Leave a comment about anything like, 
the product you might want me to review, or things you want to try out, etc!



  1. that capsule packs look interesting!

  2. taking ootd shots sometimes needs patience indeed! waiting for your ootd post :) anyway nice makeup review! you bought lots of great stuff ><

    1. thankyou! haha I bought too much! :" that awkward moment when you posed in public for ootd post...I need more time to get used to it!

  3. Hello there! can I ask you how the Eco Beauty Tool - Purifying brush shampoo went? I'm interested in buying it but not sure if its worth it thats why I googled the reviews of it but nothing came up but this post, much appreciated! :)

    1. hi there! unfortunately, I haven't try them >_< I'll try them soon and post a review!! :D


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