REVIEW : Mineral Melting Foundation / Fitting

Summer break has started for everyone EXCEPT FOR ME GRAAAAH one more exam left until freedom now I have 1 exam and 1 report to finish which I probably will do everything one day before the due date because what I'll pretend it's summer break already and you can't stop me! :B

So today I'm going to review a product that give me 360 degree reaction, super hate to super love, it's Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation / Fitting in N#3

This particular foundation line actually have 2 different type of finish, "glow" for more glowy and dewy finish which is good for drier skin, and "fitting" is I assume the opposite of the glow. The glow pact is mixed with another skin base for that glowy look that a lot of Korean like, however the fitting one only contain the foundation. So choose your foundation based on your needs! 

You can see in the top right of the box "2013 New Season 3", it is because, according to my Innisfree-pro-friend, this melting foundation product have been around for quite some time, but this time they reformulated the product, dividing the line into two (glow&fitting) and have less color selection. (Aww D: )

Sadly, even mine N#3 (Natural True Beige) foundation is the darkest color available in both types. I usually go with middle color (As Korean brand face product usually give 2-3 selection only) on Innisfree product. This time I have to go with the darkest shade. You can see in the picture I'm not even that tan, so the color selection is kinda disappointing.

As per usual cream compact foundation, it comes with a air-puff and a separates between the product and the puff. Nice full on mirror and as per usual Innisfree has a very clean packaging.

According to the packaging :

Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation / Fitting (SPF 32/PA++)
This solid foundation helps to create sleek, poreless skin on contact as it applies lightly and adheres to your skin.
Effectively cover, long-lasting, fitting (which I think it means very adhesive), 4-free-system (No Paraben, No Talk, No Animal and Mineral contained ingredients - I supposed they're referring a different kind of mineral in the product name lol)

Usually retails for a bout KRW 20.000 in Korea. But I'm sure you can get better offers at G-market.

can't even see! totally matches my skin color. 

My opinion? It's very easy to blend, the word 'melting' didn't even lie. When you rub the product into your skin with your hand it does slightly felt that it melts and your skin just absorbed them all.
As for the cover power, I don't think it was as high coverage as the product promotes. In the other hand it does feel really really light on the skin.

That's why I think I hate them at first because I always thought every cream foundation is heavy and cakey when applied to the face but, nope, nope, not heavy at all. 

I suggest that you apply the product with dabbing motion, than sliding the puff allover your face. But instead working in a small part and blend them altogether. That way you can build up the coverage and blend them nicely with your skin.

As you can see, my big pores and zits still kinda pop-ed out, but it really does even out my skin and clear the redness on the side of my nose.

The melting part also come with a bad side, I notice if you don't set them up with powder, the foundation tends to settle in fine lines (under my eyes, sides of my lips) because they're melting over our skin temperature and thus creating those visible line. But with good hand on blending and setting up, it could be easily solved. 

So...... the result is I LOVE THIS product! I have found myself reaching for this product more often as it's really compact and fast to apply (I don't have to take another brush to apply this product!) and I think it's also fit for the summer as it's high in SPF and very light on the skin. Still I think I'm gonna layer some concealer for better coverage. Ciao! 



  1. Is the shade N3 a good match to your skin? What shade you fit in MAC shade range? I am NC 25, does N3 fit me?

    1. yes N3 is a good match for my skin! I'm NC 20-25 so I think it'll suit you too! :D

  2. Thank you :) . Which one is better do you think IOPE Air Cushion or Innisfree mineral melting foundation?

    1. If you want lighter coverage and application, definitely go for IOPE! Innisfree Melting Foundation has more coverage and will fell 'heavier' than IOPE's! :)

      I personally prefer IOPE when my skin is 'calmer' :)

  3. hey how is the lsting power of this product? Does it control your sebum?

    1. The 'fitting' one definitely has a better sebum control comparing to the 'glow' one - with a proper primer and a good setting powder (I used benefit's porefessional and innisfree's no sebum mineral powder) it last me the whole day I must say.

      I still see some parts like the peak of my nose, got slightly erased, but hey, it's a compact! you can bring it everywhere and touch up if you want! And because I have a super oily face, I do have to touch up 2-3 hours after first application. Hope that helps! :D

    2. Wow thanks! I will definitely get this one!

  4. Have you tried the mamonde real skin founder? I'm currently deciding between that one and this foundation since they're supposedly similar...Just wondering how long does this innisfree foundation last on you? Like does it transfer easily?


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