MAY's #1s

Hey! I'm back with my favorites(?) for the month of MAY and I hope it's not late and I'm gonna post it anyway because I was browsing stylenanda and I went crazy because I never stopped by there before it feels like I just want to get everything and GRAAH but I just went ahead and bought a pointed metallic shoes in gmarket and everything in stylenanda were like twice as much as gmarket but i know they were cute and they also carry cosmetic but I can't see if their color matches my skin or not because obviously you can't just stick your hand into the computer monitor and I found this super cute swim suit, not bikini, one piece but i don't think they're my style but they just so cute so i put them on my wishlist and i try to cheat by looking the same piece in gmarket but haven't found it yet so i just go back into blogger and try to post my may favorite


sorry. I just tried to type something but i just can't stop and look now I'm doing it again, fingers, what are you doing, fingers, STAPH111!!


First to the outfits and stuff!

1. H&M white sleeveless t-shirt with twin skulls and wings. AB-SO-LUTE-LY comfortable. I have another one in black. great essential piece for layering. especially in summer. looks cute with neon bra. haven't try that though. includes the black one in march favorite, click over here!

2. Forever21's scuba circle skirt in Navy. I don't know why it called scuba but I think the material is fantastic. more to the thicker side. never mind. Korean stuff recently also had so many many many circle skirts but no sizes. means my belly looks like a stuffed kimbab when I wore one. So went to f21 and found these adorable one. Cheap one too.

3. Iphone5. my new phone. Just one complain from an android user (Samsung Galaxy s2 HD LTE), the screen is so damn small. means hurt less when dropped straight to face. especially before I get to sleep. good thing I guess.

4. H&M woven bag with feather. It's H&M but I actually bought these off my friend. want to get for myself when it was on store but just can't. so glad I could buy this much much cheaper (makasih vania :*)

5. Gmarket's slip on. unique design and materials. fell in love in the first sight. I got blisters when try to broke them in. worth every blisters. now they're my everyday shoes. can't get over these pairs.

6. Real techniques Core collection, buffing brush. first I use it to buff in my setting powder. But saw alot of youtube guru wore the brush for their foundation too. I tried and LOVE it. makes my foundation looks flawless (got some compliments even). got my real techniques brushes off from gmarket. So korean citizen check them out! them cheapest I got is around KRW 45.000 but for four nice quality brush that's worth every penny.

7. The faceshop Aqua tinted BB cream. little skeptical about it first. but after few uses fell in love so hard and couldn't stop using these. especially recently my skin been very good (yes! so much win) so the thin coverage it gives is enough for everyday wear. it squeezes out like normal bb cream, but when you touch it suddenly become very watery. definitely long lasting, could be really really dewy on the skin, even after it sets. so use powder! because it could make your face so oily, not in a good way ofcourse. only comes in one shade, but it is quite thin in coverage, a good blending is the answer.

8. Etude House Aloha Slim Maker #1 Sun Gold/Wood Brown. slim maker? whatever. love love the bronzing side but meh about the highlighter. you can see I uses a lot of the bronzing powder more than the highlighting one. first come to Korea, the bronzer actually shows nothing on my skin. as my skin gets fairer, it matches my skin now. why i don't like the highlighter? it had chunky shimmers. makes my face glittery in the way I don't like, not really suitable for everyday uses. love love the packaging and the huge mirror. KRW 18.000

9. Tony Moly 360 Cats Wink mascara. tony moly's cats wink line had the best cutest cat packaging ever. still in fight over myself if I should buy the cats wink lipsticks. hem. ok. this is the new packaging for the other cats wink mascara. the old one is so much skinnier. never try the old one before so I don't know if the formulation is different or not. but I like this because one, the bottle is on the small side it's good for travel 2. the formulation is perfect, water proof but easier to remove (comparing to maybelline mascaras) 3. its a cat goddamnit

I think that's all for may favorites! Tell me what's your favorite products of the month! could be anything, songs even. so I'm gonna embed my favorite song of the month here. I have habit of repeating my favorite song over over over and over again until I got bored.

long time since I liked a k-pop songs. I've been listening mostly Korean indie songs. they're so goooood. but this one is good too! enjoy!

thankyou for reading <3


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