REVIEW : Holika-Holika's Oil Queen Cotton Primer

I remember some time ago, I stumbled across some girl's blog about this product I'm going to review in a second. I was so intrigued by the product and decided to try it in the store. But then I find it was not too good, and I went back to her blog and said "I swatched it but it didn't look as great, but if you find it working great for you, then that's good" bla-bla and I promote my blog bla-bla. But then she replied me and said like you shouldn't talk stuff if you're not even purchasing and trying on your face bla-bla.

Well, she has a point. But then I fell in love with my Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic Matte primer so hard that I don't even have any need to try other primer. Now that my Banila Co. primer is empty, I remembered about this product. I then bet on myself to try this - what if it IS better than my Banila Co?? I'll save money then!

Ehem. Sorry for the long prolog. Here's the review!


      PRODUCT NAME      
Oil Queen Cotton Primer

      type of product      
liquid face primer

KRW 9.900

holika-holika official site

I see a lot of people fell into this product because of its cute packaging, and if you've read my blog long enough you'll know that this kinda cute packaging is definitely not in my preference. I do appreciate the clean looking bottle! 

I didn't swatch this at the store, I just believed reviews I read like months ago - like hell I'll remember any bits of it (Sorry, don't even remember whose review that was). So I went back and try this without any freakin' idea on what this product will be (this is so not like me. I read review and then purchase - raise your hand if you're agree with me! Review before purchase!) 

This primer contain SPF of 15, which is always good! And here's the product description on the packaging : 

"Sebum (oil) control primer that controls overflow 
of sebum and changes the skin from an oily skin to a soft skin"

If there's someone in my reader that's confused what a primer is - it's basically a makeup product that you use before your base product (bb, cc creams, foundation, tinted moisturizer - anything.) and after your skin care routine, simply to help your makeup last longer / looks better on your face. And because I have a very oily T-zone, my favorite primer would be for oil control for more lasting power. 

And reading the description (and even the name suggests it too), this primer targets people with oilier skin and to make the face more "cotton"-y (that's what the Korean description said) 

The primer came with a pump - always, always a good thing. The bottle is quite small, and it contains 30ml of product. Also it came with the cap for the pump - preventing accidental pumps on the go! 

Now, into the product itself. I'm really shocked because it was literally white colored - and I have trouble with over-applying this primer almost everytime. Probably because I used to use a transparent primer - so I doesn't really have to deal with over applying? Maybe that's why. The first time I tried this product it successfully made my face pale-white. 

I think this product does contain whitening effect - but it does get blurred out after foundation. So I won't recommend to wear this primer alone because it might left a pretty visible white casts all over your face. I do think the 'white cast' does help to cover and even out my skin tone. And it has a fresh soap scent to it. I like the scent! 

Does it helps my oily skin to look less oily - yes, for the first 2 hours only. Probably 3 hours top if I do layer a matte foundation over it. Especially with my nose area - feels like someone slapped me with a tempura. 

As for someone that uses makeup daily - and almost over 10 hours minimum, this primer didn't help me at all. Oh, the girl on the blog that I talked about was actually talking about the mist too (same line as the primer) but it was sold out when I'm the store. 

If there's someone that used the mist and the primer before - does the mist really helps? Maybe I should go on the look out for the mist... 

Overall, I think this primer does make my face look more matte after application - but it definitely not helping my oily face problem. Poor oil control, too weak to be a primer, the SPF is too weak to be a sunscreen, what should I do with you. Sorry, i can't recommend this to people! Now I'm gonna use this until my Banila Co. Prime Primer arrives! (hopefully, tomorrow!)

Thankyou so much for reading! Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. I'm always on the look out for some reviews on asian products so I can - in a way - have another person's experience as reference. Your words seem pretty genuine to me and I'm thankful :')

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