Today i woke up and feel the urge to eat some cheese!!
I know everyone had that at least once in their lifetime huh? :)

So we go to a spaghetti restaurant in the middle of Pukyong and Kyungsung univ, not very far. And i'm on my date with my very own Yoon Mi Rae look-a-like girl, Wanda! I and her are on our buka bersama trip, but ends up being only two of us, but it's all GREAT!

it was this nice! Can't resist!

We went to Uongola Spaghetti House or in Hangul they wrote it BongDaeBak 봉대박, overall it was FANTASTIC. The place is nice and cute, the food is delicious, offer a lot of free services, and on the top of that it's friggin' CHEAP!

She brought me here! Thankyou darls :*

Menu on the left, services menu on the right, and how to eat in order! :)

We ordered 'Cream Vongole Spaghetti' 크림 봉골레 스파게티 to be exact. But, before i even touch the menu book, the ahjumma (the store auntie) already served us with cold iced water and MARSHMALLOWS!

Superb cute yummy marshmallow with pink-colored spirit lamp! WHADDUP!

Had to be eaten like that. My first experience roasting marshmallow on a spirit lamp...

But because Wanda is still fasting and jam buka is still like half an hour to go, we ask the ahjumma to come back later. But about 2 minutes later an ahjusshi come and ask us to order. Yes, Korean is as not patient as that. Because it's rather difficult for us to explain the fasting part, we ended up ordering anyway. 

Then another service came!!!

sweet garlic croissant!!!!!!!!!

I must say sweet because anything garlic flavored food in Korea is sweet! Not salty, not butter-flavory, it's definitely sweet!!
I can't hold on anymore so i ended up munching up the croissant. Sorry Wanda, they tempted me!!!

And our main course! :DDDDDD

Noticed short message on the side of the plate. Wonder who is 선영이?

This cream vongola spaghetti is so unique! It was creamy but also spicy! Not pepper spicy, but chili spicy. Get what i mean? I mean, they put something i believe chili cabe rawit on it!! Notice the red stuff. It's not tomato, it's a cabe rawit! My friend said it's a pasta, with a touch of Indonesian taste. Perfect review ever! But it was too spicy for me i had to order a coke. But it was really delicious!!! 

After a fantastic rounds of services don't stop right there. Because it's summer, they gave free desert! Pat Bing Soo! Pat bing soo is a red bean ice, somewhat is a Korean national food in summer. Me not likey, Wanda too not likey. But this pat bing soo is awesome!! Just because it don't have a lot of pat (red bean) in it ;p

Pat bing soo with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk! 

And if you noticed on the window of this restaurant, there are plenty of post-it sticked in there! I think it's just Korean tradition to go to a restaurant, and writes whoever you're with and the date, and the message.  Just wondering, could you find you're own writing in thousands of post its? 

Yes! Even on the tree! 

Sometimes they puts those 'milestone' directly on the wall. If they do that usually it'll come out really dirty. It's a nice gesture from the store to allow only post-its! You'll find this tradition in a lot of resto/cafe/ anywhere else. Just go and drop some 'Blah-blah was HERE' lol! 

If you're coming to Korea for travel, it might be nice to put some memories behind... in a post-it! LOL

Yay for blurry selca! #fail

Oh yeah, about the cheapness. How cheap? It's ₩ 6.900 per plate!!!!! Or about 56.000 IDR!!! With that a lot of services, it was more than worthed!! Usually an average spaghetti houses priced around ₩ 8.000 to ₩ 12.000 but this one... it is superb!! Student price FTW!! lol


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