This is for you, my SOUL SISTER :*

Waiting for 20 hours in HK airport didn't make me thinking. But for the last hour, yes. I did thought about something.

I just finished gossiping with my bff. We have both shared stories and stuff since.. I don't know, since we've been bff!

There are people that I've met long before I met her, and still be friend even after I met her. But I felt like we're the inseparateable magnets. The perfect combination of the north and south side.

Not to mention similarity between me and her a LOT. We have same zodiac, aquarius. Same blood type, AB. Same first letter in our first name, F. We're both the eldest child in out family, and we went to the same church since.

Heck people are saying the more differences you have, the more you're compatible with them. Or saying how differences have make them helping and depend on each other.

But it's the not the way we roll.

So many similarity, doesn't mean we are similar as in a human being. We're different, sometimes in way of thinking, sometimes in our opinion, sometimes in the way we act, our problems are different.

And that's the bonus I got, not only we're helping each other, we also friggin' understand each other.

Sometimes we do things that is exactly the same, it gave me goose bumps sis.

But, anw, We're totally COOL! *high five

She's my best partner in crime. We talk, like really, T-A-L-K-S about other people A LOT. We did a lot of stuff that might be crossing the line, but we're doing it together. And the fact that she's willing to do it together with you, That's my best-est buddy.

We usually talks really often at school. Now we've grown up, gone our separated way, doesn't mean we forgot. We still had our thing, right ;)

For Febby, love you so much sexy babe! :*

People know who I am, but you guys are the one who knows why ;)

till we see again :)


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