What's Yours?

That's what'll you see when you first clicked mysugarcoffee.blogspot.com which is, here.

And when I take a look at it, and think about it..
A cup of coffee, something that'll perks you up, something that wakes you up in the middle of night to do projects home works, nor when you're getting lack of sleep.

But for me, a cup of coffee is GOSSIPS. (guilty)

I hear them, and it'll eventually woke me up and active all around :)
I know it's not good. But that's not the point we're talking about here.
And i'm sure everyone NEEDS gossips.
Because of gossip (usually the bad one), it'll make you feel better about your life, that'll motivated you and makes you think, "IM LUCKY!" :D
or any gossips will keep you updated about everything. haha

Something that perks you up in the middle of your busy-days, when you're bored, and with a tip of it, makes you all happy and active, THATS your cup of coffee.

I've told mine, so what yours? ;)


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