What's with that name?

Yup. I once made a tumblr with that name, and my sister asks, 'What's with that name?'
and of course i said, '...i don't know, it just come up..'

But then again i try to re-think. It actually means something!

Coffee, a black, bitter drink, had a lot of kind, either brewed or the beans itself. Delicious, for me. Have a unique smell. most of kids hate it. 

Sugar, a sweet, one of essential spices in our life. consumes it a lot, hello diabetes! Some people love it, some people hate it. 
actually a bit of milk would be really nice :*

Coffee and sugar. could mean something right? Coffee, every bad thing in life, and sugar, every good thing in life. When they're mixed together, isn't it nice and delicious? THAT'S LIFE!
They're balancing each other, with a good portion of each, they'll come out nicely. Some people prefer black coffee without sugar, but for me, with sugar would much better :D

No life is a black coffee, nor is a candy. So, every time 'coffee' comes by, sprinkle some sugar (and milk), and sip it while it's hot! Enjoy! 

That's a little philosophy about my blog, don't think too much it'll blow! 


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