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Now, next in the line, it's 3CE's Creamy Lip Color! I had two shades with me, #11 Love Hate and #4 Joyce. Originally, #4 is my sister, but after she tried and I tried, turned out that the color looks better on me than on her. So... I bought it from her.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Creamy Lip Color"

      type of product      

#4 Joyce & #11 Love Hate

KRW 18.900

# love hate (stylenanda)

I've been wanting this lipstick since forever, since it was released maybe. First, the packaging. It's sleek, clean, and it's shinieeeehhh - most of 3CE's products are usually have matte coating - so it's definitely new to see something so shiny like this (their boxes are also shiny). 

Again, the safety seal. Once broken the product couldn't be refund / return. The only way to see what shade it is (other than to actually open the cap) is the shade name written in the bottom of the lipsticks. 

As the name stated, it's so CREEEAMMYYY. Glides like a butter, almost to the point when it's watery. But, it's also sensitive to heat - you can totally sense the difference applying this lipstick indoor or outdoor, it felt more thick and sturdy when applied indoor because it's less exposed to the heat. Especially because the tube it's black - black absorbs more heat, so really be careful when storing! 

#11 Love Hate shade is a muted pink beige and #4 Joyce is pink coral shade. Both don't have any particular scent at all, which is nice!

I pretty much agree with all the claims above, except for the 'vivid' coloring - yes the color does show up, but I can't say that it's 'vivid' tho. I just knew that it contain good stuff like Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter - my lip didn't go chapped when I use this lip product, so I guess all the good ingredients did work on me!

The lipsticks are sheer, your natural lip color still show through the lipstick. As you can see the lipstick looks pretty different from one another, but when swatch and applied, they look somewhat similar. Both has glossy finish and it's really moisturizing.

I didn't expect good lasting power from a lip product as creamy as this, but #11 Love Hate seems to disappear too quickly! Maybe because the color is very similar too my lip color, whenever the glossiness had gone, I just assume the color is gone. 

It is also said that this product could be applied easily without mirror - because the sheer pigmentation I think you could be messy with this and won't be noticeable (unless you bought the brighter color, like, red, well maybe you want to be careful will that) 

Moisturizing, super creamy texture
Sleek packaging
Glides like butter
No scents
12 shades selection
Glossy finish
Not sticky

Some shades may look too similar
Big possibility to melt when expose to heat too long
The writing on the packaging easily peeled off ;;;

Now, talking about the last bad point :

;;; I put the lipstick inside my makeup pouch, and yes I have some stuff inside too. Probably it got scratch with other things inside, but since the price is definitely up there, this is kinda disappointing :(

Overall, I think this is a dream product for people with dry and chapped lips - because not only it's really moisturizing, it's also make lips look very smooth with its gloss! Though the price might not be as friendly, I can say what I paid really equals on what I get. 

One tips from me : no matter how creamy a lip product is, your lips would look more attractive if you scrub your lips from time to time :) 

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  1. joyce looks pretty <3 i have this particular skinfood lipstick that seems to have similar formula to this from your description. it's sheer, glossy, moisturizing, and sad fact, not long lasting.


  2. Sooo freaking pretty! I really have been wanting a few from this range! Will order one next time I order more from them!

  3. Joyce looks really good on you ^^!
    I'm getting my friends to get me some as they're going Korea next week! Should be waaay cheaper from getting it online (+ all that shipping fee!)

    Steph | datewithsteph.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Joyce is such a pretty shade!! Now I want it lol. Thanks for the review!! So lucky you're in Korea cause the shipping is so expensive T.T

  5. Beautiful colours! I recently bought a 3CE lipstick but sadly the one i chose isn't from this line >< hopefully they aren't so drying on my lips. Thank you for the review! ^^

  6. Joyce looks so pretty on you! I'm definitely going to pick up a few shades :)

  7. thankyou Cindy! I'm also want so brighter shadeeee D: my wallet just cried

  8. I also had 1 lipstick from their regular line and it's not drying for me! I hope it'll work well for you too :*

  9. Lol!! You look awesome in coral shades, Stel! :D

  10. Definitely get them!! <3

  11. That's great!! Imean the price itself it's not cheap and if you have to add the shipping cost ... blehh! I'm excited for you lol!

  12. The colours although similar look really nice on you. :] You suit nude pinks well!


  13. So much love for Joyce! So so pretty and it looks great on you!

  14. Couldn't agree more on the melting part. My love hate have literally melted all over the packaging *cries*
    But I really love how it's moisturized my chapped lips!

    Love always,

  15. Anatasia KameliaJune 26, 2014 at 2:40 AM

    I Love this lippie. Joyce really looks good on you <3

  16. Both color looks beautiful on you!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  17. kyaaa yg Joyce bagus bgt Fil warnanya.. naksir nih huhuhu...


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