REVIEW : 3CE's "I'm Good" Mascara

The last one from my 3CE's June Haul products to review! It's the "I'm Good" Mascara!

I don't usually like pink colored stuff, but it's so neon that it's stand outs from all other product and it's just so pretty to be looked at! Don't you agree?


      PRODUCT NAME      
"I'm Good" Mascara

      type of product      

KRW 20.000

Style Nanda english site

First, the pink is definitely not as neon as the box - which is still acceptable I guess. From the claims I think it mainly claims long and curled lashes, all proof and super black, no clumps mascara. 

Outside from the cute packaging, I was actually interested about the brush. Mainly because I recently got into huge brushes and it'll be quite new to try a mascara with smaller brush! 

Since we're talking about the brush, I think the brush is fantastic! The curve fits perfectly to my eyelash line, so it's really easy to get into the deepest lashes and flare it out. Also it's not too small for my upper lashes, but it's also not too big for my lower lashes. I'm really impressed with the brush. 

But, of course, mascara is not all about the brush, isn't? In the end the product itself is what decided the performance. Is it good, is it bad? 

For me, the mascara isn't lengthening or volumizing AT ALL. Sure it's black and the brush is great, but in the end, the product itself is a big fail. See the swatch below :

LEFT TO RIGHT : no mascara, one coat, two coats

You can see, my natural lashes are actually quite long, but they're more to the thin side. And the mascara just help to darken them, not really lengthening / volumizing. And I don't find it clumping, but it somehow clumps at the end of the lashes, making the lashes looks "spidery". I actually like 'spider-lashes' but the effect didn't really shows up - and it gets worse after I put eyeliner (I didn't put any in the swatch picture) because I like to put my eyeliner thickly. Short story, my lashes are invisible, even with mascara. 

The only thing that might be good is the waterproof quality. It's very smudge proof and water proof, I have to use my cleansing oil to take this off completely. One bad thing is that this is really hard to remove, I guess that what's you have to deal with all the waterproof-ing and stuff. 

Waterproof, smudge-proof
Cute packaging
Great brush, perfect size and curve

Not really lengthening or volumizing
Hard to remove

Overall, I don't think the price point reflects the product quality ;; It probably worked well for people with long and full lashes that might need a little 'help' - and definitely it's not enough for me! I currently just used it for my lower lashes, since it's really smudge proof, and in summer anything could happen, really.

Ah, I really disappointed with this product. I especially hate mascara that are difficult to remove.. >_<

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  1. I've been waiting for this review! Thank you for all the detail information and pictures. I think I will just skip this one, although I love the pink packaging :\



  2. I have always been a huge 3CE fan and I absolutely love the neon pink packaging! But I guess, seeing your before and after pictures, this product seems disappointing. I doubt that it would work on my super short straight lashes.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  3. cantiik ya packagingnya
    naksir brushnya juga..kecil..
    sayang hasilnya gak sesuai..


  4. every time I see its pink packaging I always expect it'll be a pink-colored mascara lol :)))

  5. Aw I'm sorry that it really didn't do anything for your lashes! Have you tried curling them first and then maybe using a fiber mascara base coat? I've seen that work for a lot of girls with straight and thin lashes! It gave you volume but not much length! I guess it's good it's at least waterproof but I would have expected this mascara to have some fiber like a lot of other asian brands!

  6. The packaging is so pretty! Sayang sekali hasilnya so-so dengan harga segitu ;;___;;


  7. kyny masalah eyelash qt samaa.. panjang sihh tp tipis >.<
    tp slalu suka liat eyelash km Fil.. kliatan panjang dan bagus lah pokoknya.. hihi..

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