June Favorites

Hello! NOW my summer break is officially started, and honestly I don't know what to do really. And really really soon, July is coming and that means 2014's second half is here! I'll introduce you shortly about products that I've been loving this past month!

First, skin care - I've been really enjoying using this Sebum Oil Control Cream from SN-T, honestly I had no idea what brand it is, but I got it from Memebox's Lucky Box. It had this really watery and gel texture, perfect for oily & acne/blemish prone skin, it's light and refreshing, just enough moisture for the summer!

Since June is filled with a lot of projects and I basically stand up all night for almost a week straight (damn you finals!). Not only the darkness in my eyes that got worse and worse (they're quite dark normally. sigh) they're almost like stripped from all this moisture and the lines are getting more and more obvious. I definitely need a emergency safety kit here, so I decided to pick up these eye patch from N.M.F Aquaring Gel Eyefill Patch from Mediheal. I used it twice a week and let it for maximum 40 minutes. The eye patches are like gel, so it really cools down and feels like it reduces the darkness in my eyes.

Once, a Bobbi Brown makeup artist told me that spraying mist before any makeup is helping the makeup to actually stays on, because it cools down the face before 'warming' up the face with all the makeup. Call it a habit, but I always sprayed a face mist before makeup and it's feels really good. This time i'm using Aritaum's Baby Face Mist in Power Hyaluronic Acid - it's light and the most important thing : it's not sticky to the face.

Hanging out under the sun is pretty much what I do recently all the time, really Korea's Summer is almost twice hotter than Indonesia's normal weather! And one thing that my mom frequently remind me to do : always, always put on sunscreen. Yep, here I am with my favorite (maybe all the time favorite really.) the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence with SPF50+ PA+++. Not only it's realllllly light on the skin, it's scent is just heavenly and this cooling effect is just, PERFECT!

I personally like the 3CE's Velvet Pore Primer more than the 3CE Pore Silky Balm, but since I got the Velvet Primer almost in the end of the month, i found that I used the Pore Silky Balm more this month - and I gotta be fair, right?

And topping the primer with Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion #23, some concealer & powder, and that's it, that's my face products of the month! (Funny that I'm pretty sure after I wrote all of these, people still gonna ask me what I use everyday, and bla-bla, I mean, do people actually read what I wrote? Or do they just scroll through all the pics? Really?)

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you'll probably know that I'm a bronzer kinda gal and this month my favorite is Tony Moly's Crystal Blusher in #07 Bronzing Brown. I think I've gone through 3 of these, crazy right? It's cheap, the color showed up great in me (it used to be too light for me, but it's not right now!). I hadn't wrote a review for these actually, I don't know why, but I think maybe that time I purchased this the pictures just didn't came out nicely and I probably just skipped it. Anyway, it's a good affordable product!

For a bronzer-kinda-gal to put a blusher to a favorite, that must be a big thing. This Skin Food Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in Orange Rouge is my best friend this month. Sometime I just felt to washed out with high coverage foundation and this just brought a slight color to my cheek, just to help everything looks 'healthy'

3CE one color shadow in Cinnamon is also my go to eyeshadow color, it's a matte brown with slight grayish tone in it. I'm going to make a separate post on my 3CE's one color eyeshadow collection, so stay tune for that! Usually I use this color to contour my lid and also the outer V, with Innisfree's Shadow Pencil in Soft Milktea in my lid to give a little bit of dimension.

I got many compliments (thank you guys :") from wearing this particular lip color from 3CE Creamy Lip Color #joyce - and I began to reach for it almost all the time really :D

Last, but definitely not least, is my body spray that I've bee abusing everyday, it's "Dream More" from GAP. I got this last May in Japan, when GAP had this Golden Week sale and I think I got this half off the price. Really like the scent, it's floral but still sweet, the perfect Spring scent. I have to change to summer scent now really, probably gonna still use it once in a time.

Thankyou so much for reading! xx

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  1. Lovely bits you've got there! I'm about to finish my Biore UV mousse base and I'd love to try that watery one! I'm also sooo eager about ordering more 3CE products! Would love a blush and a single eyeshadow!

  2. LOL~ ofc filia i read what you wrote eventhou im not doing that on another blog hahaha. I think the way you write is kinda approachable so i find it amusing to read your whole post. Good luck with your final project, salam mahasiswa tingkat akhir !

  3. penasaran deh sama innisfree long wear cushionnya.
    which one is better, this innisfree cushion or etude house any cushion in your opinion?

  4. for me it's definitely the innisfree cushion!! <3 take my super oily face into account loh :D

  5. aww aw aw aw <3 memang cuma kak Ajenk doang nih ;")))))))))))) muah muah muah!

  6. Definitely try the watery one!!! <3

  7. You always seem to have the same taste as me! I just recently bought the tony moly bronzer in #7 and planning to buy the innisfree cushion!! The bronzer isn't too orange is it? Great post and I actually read your posts haha

  8. aku juga ada baby face mist nyaa... supa loveee <3


  9. Have you ever try iope cushion? If you do try it, which one is better iope or innisfree? I have oily skin too so i want to find which one is probably best for my skin. Thanks :)


  10. I've been thinking of buying this Innisfree cushion.I've only tried the Laneige and Iope ones..Nice products :)

  11. aku kmrin itu beli innisfree cushion yg beda sm pnya km fil, yg bkin glowing deh intinya XD
    kukira si mist yg buat hair yg km pake itu bakal dimasukin k june favorite, fil.. XD
    kmrin itu ga smpet beli mist, aku pengen yg water based bukan yg ky aerosol gituu T.T
    wihhh plok plok plok itu bronzer ud ampir abis.. aku kyny ga pnh pake blusher smpe ampir kliatan dasarnyaa ._.

  12. Hi there! How would you compare the Aritaum Baby Mist with Evian Spray?

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