REVIEW : 3CE Cover Cream Foundation in Sand Beige

Omg, it's been a while, isn't it?
I've not touching my laptop for almost 5 days now. I was in Bangkok for holiday with my family! And next week I'll have to take a plane again for (another) holiday, this time with my grandma. I think I'm bringing my laptop this time because it'll be for a whole week! Ekk!

Now I'm in my home in Indonesia! Yey! Where the internet is not too good, but definitely work-able lah. So today I'm bringing you a review for 3CE Cover Cream Foundation in Sand Beige!

3 Concept Eyes

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Cover Cream" Foundation

      type of product      
cream foundation

Sand Beige

KRW 28.000

Style Nanda (en)

This product is relatively new on the website, it was released on the offline store first and the site was updated after that. I was thrilled to see this on the site, because again if you know me, foundation, full coverage, call me in! I purchased the darkest shade out of the 3, Sand Beige. 

Talking about the packaging, the foundation came in a glass jar with a matte coating over it. And the seal is attached to the cap and the glass jar. The foundation also came with a spatula, which is quite small. I usually gave up and throw away spatulas that came with a product, but this time I might have to keep it around. 

Do I like the packaging? I love it so much, but in the same time I don't think it's the most practical or 'easy' to work with. The glass jar is heavy and the cap is thick too. It's not travel friendly, it takes time to use the product, and I know at the end of the day it'll left me some product I could never scoop out of the jar (Because it's a square, it's hard to get on the corners especially the upper ones)  

Even though it's called a 'cream' foundation, it isn't like a regular cream foundation. It's more like liquid foundation with super thick consistency that is packed into a jar. 

It's really a plus for a foundation to have high SPF, and yes this product has SPF of 30 PA++. It comes in 3 shades, "Light Vanila", "Natural Ivory" and "Sand Beige" - my shade, Sand Beige is actually a little bit too orangey for me, but Natural Ivory is definitely too light for me, so the jump between the 2nd and 3rd shade is a bummer :/

There's a plastic separator to keep the product inside.

For the product consistency, it's creamy, it's thick and it's blendable. I like to scoop some out and then dotting it all over my face and blend them with my brush. Usually I do half of my face first, and then the other.

The coverage is awesome! It covers literally everything, I almost didn't need to conceal anything. (Well, I still conceal my under eye, if not my face will be super flat). It has a dewy finish - which is unique for a foundation with high coverage to have one, but this one is super dewy, like wth. I need a ton of powder to make it matte, or at least a little bit least sticky. 

For the lasting power, I think it has a decent one, can't say it's super long-lasting. Especially I have oily combo skin, and dewy foundation isn't a good match for me at all. And in this blazing summer weather, hot and humid, without primer I'm quite sure the foundation won't last on me. Thank God for primer! 

During my trip to Seoul with Rini from Rinicesillia.com, I use this foundation 90% of the time and it make my face look FLAWLESS on camera. 

High coverage
Looks super nice on camera
A little goes a long way
Creamy, easy to blend texture
Chic packaging

Not travel friendly, annoying packaging
Dewy finish (too dewy for my taste)
Transfers to anything that touches your skin 
Pricey. Meh.

Overall, I do like this foundation - though I'm agree that this is not for daily use. Not only the whole jar thing is un-practical for everyday use, but the consistency itself is too thick. I really like my face on camera when I'm using this particular product. Oh, for the dewy-ness, I can reduce it by using my makeup sponge instead.

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  1. the coverage looks amazing but the fact that it transfers easily and have dewy finish :| the jar looks huge comparing to the amount you need omg


  2. I hope you had an amazing time in Bangkok! I've been interested in this foundation since it came out but I don't like the fact that it transfers :( The coverage looks great though!

  3. kyaaaaaa, now i regret why i didn't purchase this one too! I thought it would be just regular foundie, you know, that has medium coverage and matte finish but i was wrong T.T
    iy fil, pas jalan kmrin itu muka kamu mulus abissss, mantep jd ngiler T.T

  4. Ahhhh sooo beautiful! The coverage is fantastic! I love their BB cream and I like how it's not very dewy, I still set it though, like how I set most of my bases. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to have it but the packaging is very bulky!

  5. The finish is not for me, I guess I'll skip this xx

  6. Your skin looks absolutely flawless with this on! I think the color is a decent match for you but a tad less orange would have been nice, too! I think I'd go for light vanilla but I'm really pale unlike you. :)
    Elina | http://missblueeyes.com

  7. Great review of this foundation. Too bad about the packaging, wish it was a squeeze tub or pump bottle ><.
    Love how it looks on you anyway :D


  8. hahah kemarin itu pas cc nitip ga lama baru keluar juga di sitenya. emang kacau stylenanda licik biar yang beli ini pas diskon sedikit... awww cc bisa aja emang nih haha

  9. I HAD A SUPEr AMAZING TIME IN BANGKOK <3 well to be honest Bangkok is my no1 favorite city in the South East Asia, Jakarta is not even close D: I need mango sticky rice!!

  10. yep :/ the jar is really heavy tho!! D:

  11. most Korean products cater for fair light skin D: so I think when purchasing Korean prouducts having a fair light skin is an advantage :D

  12. YES I would go crazy if it's in a squeeze tube.

  13. Waaah such a good product. I should invest my face on my foundation seriously lol~ Btw sampe kapan di indo ? Bakalan nonton konser exo gak di sini ? #outoftopicbanget

  14. so pretty! makes me wanna try 3ce products

  15. Hii.. punya info gak ya kira2 utk oily skin bagusnya pakai foundation merk ap?? Hehe :D
    Thank you..


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