REVIEW : Mamonde's Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense


Today I'm going to review something that I got some weeks ago, this is the first Mamonde product that I review actually! It's Mamonde's Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense! 

I absolutely want and know it'll work great after reading Sasyachi's blog post, but honestly, finding a complete collection of Mamonde products in Busan is a challenge, really. If you're going to travel to Korea and you want to see and look for yourself Mamonde's products collection, they have opened a flagship store in Myeongdong, I got these products there too! 

Mamonde is a brand that inspired most by flowers, so.. 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Creamy Tint" color balm intense

      type of product      
lipstick (balm type)

#07 Let's Kiss & #10 Let's Classy

KRW 8.000

Mamonde Official Site (kr)
Aritaum Official Site

The website stated that these are a combination of lipstick + lip tint + lip balm. Slightly disagree with the lip tint part because it didn't really staining (see the swatches below). 

Like most other chubby-sticks-balms-lip products that are getting more and more variation in the market, this product didn't really stand out much really. It's chubby, and retractable. And on the end of the tube there's the shade pointer. You can just directly see to the sticks because the cap is transparent but anyway,

I bought two shades, #10 is one that I really, really wanted because of Sasyachi's review (She has the same shade) and #07 is just so summer-like and that's the shade that I really need this summer really.

The texture is really balmy, it glides on the lips but in the same time has a vivid pigmentation. Also it has this natural shine finish and didn't feel sticky at all. Light weight on the lips and didn't accentuate any lines on the lip. 

Still, these balmy type of lip products don't usually last long, and it does too. It doesn't stand through meals or even light snacks, even when I didn't put anything into my mouth, the inside part of my lips looks like rubbed off (definitely not in a disgusting way, or in a very obvious way). Nevertheless, they're easy to re-apply because there's no lip balm is needed in the process! 

BELOW : after wiped with a makeup wipes.

Highly pigmented
Great texture, glides on the lips
Natural gloss finish
Didn't accentuates lines on the lips
Non sticky

The cap is not really secure, it came loose in my bag. 
Maybe because it's me, I'm really messy #whataboutit

#07 Let's Kiss

#10 Let's Classy

Overall, other than the cap problem I'm in love with this product. #07 almost never leave my handbag and it's the perfect shade for the summer. I know when autumn come I'll gonna get a lot of use out of #10. 

I also love the way when it faded away, it doesn't fading away in the un-attractive, messy flaky disgusting kinda way, but it's just fading in a good way, I guess! :p

What do you think? :D
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  1. I've never tried Mamonde, I'm not quite sure if the online shop in here have this brand ._. Too bad the cap doesn't work properly, but the result looks so natural! I hate lip color that accentuate my dry lips (since mine is very dry). Hopefully I can purchase this soon :D



  2. Yang nomor 7 warnanya kece deh. Too bad it's hard to get Mamonde in local online shop.

  3. #10 looks good on you! mamonde is a brand that ive never seen online shops selling here :/ or maybe it's just me. most balmy lipsticks crease on my lip lines on me too (which makes my lips look all weird when i smile) it's nice the fact that it doesnt do that :D


  4. Love the photo with the flowers! #7 looks great on you :)

  5. thankyou and thankyou stella! <3

  6. nature republic's balmy lipstick does that on me.. :/ i think mamonde really need more love because they're products are really good and they're not as expensive as iope or laneige in my opinion....

  7. hahahha iya pake tiap hari nih enak banget :D I know mamonde needs more love!!

  8. Yes I think most Indonesia ol shop do not carry this brand :/ and they definitely need more love!! I hope you could find this!

  9. Let's classy look super great on you!!

  10. Both shades are so wearable and I love the pigmentation! These sound like a real good find! i totally would love to pick one up!

  11. Both colors looks gorgeous on you! I really want to get #7 now but I have so many lip products >< The you tuber sunnydahye always talks about the mamonde real skin founder so now I'm really curious about their products hopefully I can try them out sometime!


  12. Oh Lets Kiss is a beautiful shade!
    Thank you for your review~

  13. Oh wow~ The colors are super pretty~ I think let's kiss would be a pretty shade for spring or summer while let's classy would be a good fall color. :) Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee

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  15. Stumbled upon your review when I was searching for the lip chubbies I saw on Pinocchio with Park Shin Hye~ I really love my Revlon tints, that look very similar, and looking at your review, I dont think I'll try these just yet. I'm disappointed they don't stain though :-(

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