REVIEW : Innisfree's Jelly Tint #04 & #06


Today I'm going to review Innisfree's Summer Limited product, the Jelly Tint! I have 2 shades (the other 2 on the pics are Rini's, so look forward for her review!), #04 새콤 자몽 and #06 채리 토마토. This came out about a month or 2 months ago, and I've put a swatch picture on all the shades over on my Instagram months ago.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Jelly Tint"

      type of product      
lip tint

04 새콤 자몽 
06 채리 토마토 

KRW 6.000

Innisfree official site

The packaging comes without a box, which is unusual as Innisfree's products usually comes in a box (which is curiously weird, as they were really 'care' about the environment). In replacement, they put a label across the tube and the cap for a security seal, much like they're nail polishes. 

Comes in 7 shades, one being a clear gloss - the other shades are pretty much vivid and summer-y.

As you may see from the picture above, not all the colors are the same in pigmentation, some does come off more light and less vivid than the other. I picked shades that are vivid just because I don't want it to be a mere lip gloss.

Anyway, these lip tints are small! Look at my cute ruler gais, they're only 7cm long. And my ruler is definitely wider than the tints.

04 새콤 자몽 or literally translate into "Sour Grapefruit" is a coral pink color. Compared to 06, 04 is less vivid.

06 채리 토마토 or Cherry Tomato shade is red tomato with a little bit of pink.

I tried the water test, and obviously most of the product got rubbed off and it didn't stain much. It looks like they do stain, but on the lips it's really relatively hard to tell because of the lips natural color. It's hard to capture this on the camera, but both have micro glitters that help the shine to look more obvious.

The texture of both are closer to gel-like and quite watery so it's really easy to apply. They have super glossy finish, which is perfect for summer. Both the gloss effect and the shade didn't really survive lunch time, they're easy to re-apply probably because they're also not as pigmented as normal tints. The gloss is not at all sticky, it feels really good and do feels like jelly! After the gloss wears off, I do feel like my lips is also dried out but once I reapplied the problem is solved.

 04 새콤 자몽 

06 채리 토마토 

Glossy finish (+a little bit of shimmers)
Moisturizing when applied
Lemon scented - perfect for summer
Not sticky
Easy to apply
Light on the lips

Moderate lasting power
Not staining
Could be drying after worn out

Overall, I think they're not a big disappointment or new holy grail, they're ok I guess. More than lip tints, I probably should call them tint-infused-lip-gloss mostly because of their poor pigmentation (some shades are much poorer than the other). I'm pretty sure they're great for lip gloss too. They're shiny, and they're not sticky at all, light-weight, and smells great!

I still think Innisfree's best lip product is the Vivid Tint Rouge (Review HERE). If you do adore the high gloss finish this product offers, maybe you could purchase the 01 or the clear gloss to top off any of your lip product to achieve glossier look for the summer! :)

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  1. I like #4 on you! :D


  2. This is my favourite product so far from innisfree ^^
    Love it so much


  3. yg tomato tantik onnnn~~ hihi


  4. kalo dipake bleeding gak di sekitar bibir Filia ?


  5. Love the two shades! Very similar but they are so pretty in finish! I wish they had lasted longer! Thanks for sharing!


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