REVIEW : Aritaum's "Full Cover" Liquid Concealer 02 Natural Beige


Today's review is going to be about Aritaum's Full Cover Liquid Concealer in 02 Natural Beige! I got this quite a while ago and been experimenting with it. I ended up purchasing this because I've saw some Korean youtubers that raved about this, enough to make me buy one obviously.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Full Cover" Liquid Concealer

      type of product      
Liquid Concealer

02 natural beige

25 ml / KRW 7.000

Aritaum official site

Available in 2 shades, 01 light beige and 02 natural beige, this concealer is part of Aritaum's new "Full Cover" line that as the name states, promotes full coverage makeup and flawless complexion. 

Comes in a tube, it's very hygienic and compact to use, and I swear this might be the largest concealer I have in my collection. A little bit goes a loooong way, and it makes me wonder how long will this big tube last on me. I only need a little blop of these to cover everything I need.

02 Natural Beige color is the shade you'll get mixing 2 shades from 'Full Cover' Duo Cream Concealer (Review HERE). The liquid concealer goes on more smoothly than the cream, and best applied with fingers - though I still use my brush just because. But using your fingers will really helps to melt the product and help it to blend better. 

The coverage is indeed very high and you don't need much really. But on the down side, it could look cakey and heavy on the skin. Especially combined with face products that are more sheer, it could look obvious and patchy on the face. 

I'm not really pleased with the size because it's almost as big as regular foundation / bb cream (with 25 ml, it's only 5 ml away from regular sized foundations), but on the other side with its price it's a very good deal!  

High coverage
Affordable price
Easy to blend
Not sticky
No scent

Tend to look cakey
Thick, somewhat heavy

Overall, I pretty much prefer this much more than the duo cream concealer. I still yet to try the BB creams that a lot of people are raving about, the picture is kinda giving it away, but the next from the Aritaum's product that I'll review is the "All Day" Makeup Fixer!

Generally I think the "Full Cover" line from Aritaum is not only is affordable, but it works pretty well too! I suggest you guys to give this line a try if you can get you hands on these :)

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  1. I totally agree with you! I like that it has great coverage, but since I like sheer BB creams, this one looks so obvious when I put it on and the color doesn't really match me. :/ Great review by the way!!! ^^

  2. i've been seeing this around a lot o_o i really want it but i cant seem to find any aritaum here ;_; aritaum is always raved with their good quality. 25 ml that's like mega good deal and only need a lil at a time, that makes it the only concealer you need in a lifetime.


  3. Aku punya ini. Mau review tapi bingung gitu. Agak2 kurang suka sama thick concistency nya. Agak susah di blend juga menurutku.


  4. Fil,,, knp aku ngira ini foundie yaa.. hahaha.. ga nyangka concealer segede iniiii o.O

  5. looks affordable ! :)


  6. Cece cepat pulang Indo. Waiting for youu. Hahaha. xD jadikan concealer ini garage sale juga d:

  7. gw bukan mau komentarin produknya sih...tapi fotonya. You+black hair+dark berry lips=awesomeness ^_^

    ps. askfm dibuka lagi yay, mau request review produk ^^

  8. woow gede nya untuk sebuah concealer haha


  9. Thank you for your review! I was wondering how long this concealer will last and does it crease in your fine lines? Thank youuu!!

  10. Hi
    do you like this concealer better or the skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream? Thaaank youu

  11. I think I prefer this jusssst a little bit better because of the hygienic concern!

  12. It does crease in my lines D: for undereye, it lasts the whole day, but for my blemishes it does ok lah for 4 hours+ until it started to show again, but for the side of my nose, less than 2 hours it shows again, but again it might be because of my super oily nose so it probably last better on yours! :)

  13. hi, may i know what concealer that u use that doesn't crease into fine lines? thanks

  14. What is your skin tone?? I wonder which shade of this concealer would match my skin. I have broken out and have a lot of acnes scars :(((


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