CAFE 101 : Cafe Terrace, Samcheong-dong, Seoul (카페테라스, 삼청동 서울)

Last week, me and Rini from Rinicesillia.com had sometime to take a walk to an area in Seoul called 삼청동 (Samcheong-dong) which is famous for its 카페거리 (Cafe-gori) that literally translate into "cafe street". I went to 2 cafes with ce Rini, and one with my friends that are currently residing in Seoul. 

Samcheongdong area is not far from 경복궁 (Kyeongbok Goong - Kyeongbok Palace). If you're going with public transportation, you can take off in 시청역 (City Hall Station), go to exit 4 and take 종로 11 bus and take off in 삼청동주민센터 (Samcheongdong Community Center). After that you can take a walk through a lot of cafes and little shops, and with a little more walk you can get to 북촌한옥마을 (Bukcheon Hanok Village) which filled with traditional Korean houses (people do live in there! so be quite around the area or you will disturb the residents :))

with the folks :)

After a few walk around the main road, we are beaten by the sun (seriously, Seoul in Summer is either raining or the sun is trying to fry you alive). We can't resist "Cafe Terrace" big 팥빙수 (Patbingsoo - Red Bean Shaved Ice) ad and we gave in to this cafe. Among other 100+ cafes we decided to try this cafe :)

[first floor]

[second floor]

[today's menu]

we ordered milk-tea bingsoo and strawberry blueberry smoothies. Both came in a big size! And you have to see the size of the waffles there too, we didn't order it but people next to our table does, and it's really, really big. 

Luckily all of the things we ordered tasted amazing! 

"Cafe Terrace" located in the main street so it's really easy to locate. They have some unique bingsoo varieties and coffees too. Sadly I forgot to take the picture of the whole menu.

The place is also spacious too, first floor is kinda packed, but the second floor has twice as much seats available :)

Thankyou so much for reading!
I hope you enjoy posts like this, since I do this kinda post in earlier days, hence [mysugarcoffee] is born. Well, I love cafes and I can't hide it :)

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  1. kyaaaaa.. oke jg tempatnya ya fil..
    ga kesampean makan bingsu hari itu ;_;

  2. Waaaa ini tempatnya pernah jadi tempat syutingnya Running Man kalo gak salah. Keinget sama teras diatas trus menunya, soalnya waktu itu misinya suruh makan patbingsu :p hehehe

  3. That's funny i've been there too this summer haha. This place is so nice, but so expensive for a bingsoo TT


  4. woow
    that milk-tea bingsoo is huge !! also looks yuumm
    sama beruang bermahkotanya lucu bangeett


  5. iya ce.. enakan sumoboo kok HAHAHAHA

  6. really??? serius episod berapa guestnya siapa masa sih OMONA #gasantai

  7. I know it's expensive :< but for the size I mean if could feed 4 people lol

  8. hahahaha yes the whole neighborhood is actually really really cute >_<

  9. I just read your friends blog on samcheongdong too! you both take really nice pictures. Is it on a dslr or just on your phones? I really want to visit the coffee shops you went to!


  10. I took mine on a dslr! :D


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