Finally I'm back on the blog :") 

Before I got into the post, there's a short announcement I want to make, about my INSTAGRAM. So, I'm currently using 2 instagram, one is for my blog (@mysugarcoffee) and one is my private acc (@filiaparamita) - due to personal reasons and the fact that it's hard for me to maintain 2 accounts at once, I decided to DELETE my blog acc (@mysugarcoffee) and continue to post my blog update over at my @filiaparamita acc instead. 

This is just an early announcement, I will still keep the acc until the end of the month since I have a giveaway going on (read the post HERE) - but for now I'll update my blog through my BOTH acc & feel free to follow me if you would like updates :* 

I'll probably deactivate @mysugarcoffee a week or so after the giveaway announcement! :) xx

Now to the serious business here! I'm bringing you guys my take on the Korean trademark 'Puffy Eyes' look or 애교살 (Aegyo-sal) makeup. I naturally am born with heavy-puffy eyes that might be an advantage in this look - but I'm sure most of you can recreate this look quite easily and without much a do, here's my take on the famous puffy / smilling eyes look :)


Before anything else, I'm shaping my eyebrow first to match the whole entire look. To summarize how you want your eyebrow to look : thick, full and straight. I tried to make my eyebrow as straight as I could, but since it's naturally have a curve, I tried to minimize the look instead of making it fully straight. 

You still want to make your eyebrow look natural! 


This look didn't really need a lot of eyeshadows, moreover you may need only 2. I'm using matte brown taupe color all over my lid just to deepen the crease. You can totally use a shimmer eyeshadow, but we're going to need a matte brown later on too, so I just use the matte one. 


Instead of black eyeliner, I use brown pencil liner to make the line less harsh. I line my eyes and use the smudger and the other end (or use your finger) to blend the line with the eyeshadow.

Next, I pull the line out following my natural eyeline (don't flick it up!) and connect it to my lower lash line.

Just because I feel something off without my black pen liner, I layer the outer line a bit with my black pen liner. You don't have to do this if you prefer softer look!

          puffy eyes / aegyo sal         

Now to the point of this makeup look, it's how to make the eye look 'puffy'. You need two eyeshadows, preferably shimmer light eyeshadow and brown matte eyeshadow. You can use products that are specifically made to draw the aegyo-sal like, Etude House's "Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker", because I don't have something like that, I just used 2 eyeshadows and an angled brush.

And don't forget to blur out the line!


To finish everything off, I put on some mascara and we're done!

          the results         

             lip and cheek            

No heavy contouring, heck I don't even put on any bronzer. Go with your pinkest blusher and apply it around from your cheekbone through the apple of your cheek :)

for the lips, I erased the natural color of my lips first with a concealer and put a fuschia pink color in the inner side and top it off with pink lip gloss just to blur out everything and give a nice glossy finish to it! 

thankyou so much for reading! 
I hope it won't be too hard to follow through :) 

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  1. Ya ampun cantik amat selfie terakhir :x

  2. Cute bgt!!! Harusnya pas kmrin qt jalan breng km dandan ky gini fil XD

  3. cantiik banget Fil
    cocok sama dandanan puffy eyes !!


  4. ci pensil eyeliner mu merk apa? bagus deh i mau beliii :3

    Love always,

  5. you really need to try aegyosal tape from AEGYOlab,Thank me later

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