REVIEW : Etude House's Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek #3 & #5

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Finally, something from the "Drawing Swan" collection! Etude House launched this collection in the spring time and EH totally nailed it this time!

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek"

        type of product        
Powder blush (and eyeshadow)

#3 Arabesque Rosy & #5 En Haut Pink

9 g / KRW 13.000 / USD 15

Etude House Official Site (ko)
Etude House Global Site (en)

Etude House is definitely stepping up their packaging design game lately, it's definitely didn't look too cheap and it totally doesn't look like a middle schooler toy makeup (in which most EH products are - atleast for me). 

Both are in a retractable tin can packaging, super cute. Came in with a fluffy puff that is totally just for the cute effect - I don't use the puff, but I probably will someday haha. No mirror given but it isn't an issue, because the design is 10/10.

Very, very satisfied with the illustration, the water color effect and the whole ballerina collection seems to work with each other very well :) The illustrator is Kerrie Hess, she's Australian and she had worked with Chanel and Lancome too! 

Out of the 5 shades, I chose 2 that is the brightest, #3 and #5 - Not because I like my blush to be super bold, but because I'm afraid that the soft tones won't show up in my face. 

Both shade is super pigmented, both also contain glitters. But after application I don't really see the glitters, but I do see that the blush isn't 100% matte, I can still see the blush reflects from my face. Since the shades are pigmented, it's really easy to use it also as eyeshadow :) 

My thoughts are by purchasing the brightest product, I can toned it down when I want to and use it boldly if I want to. But, I find that this blushes in these shades are hard to soften, and If I do try to tone them down, I ends up have a blotchy blush on my cheek :( I'm not sure if it's because of the brush that I use or my base makeup that messes up, but anyway I recently like a strong cheek color so it's totally ok. 

#3 Arabesque Rosy is a peachy pink blush, the shade that will look good on anyone. It's not too pink, it's not too orange, it's right in the middle. This blush is great for warm toned makeup and lip color :) 

#5 En Haut Pink is a cool tone pink and it's great for cool toned makeup and lip color. Both embossing on the blusher surface will disappear after a couple of uses :( So sad, the illustration is too cute! 

hand swatch

me using #5 - I don't know why it didn't shows up much, the lighting probably eats the shade away :( 

This blusher is totally great in general, but especially for those who like bold blushes, this blushes can't be missed. But, come on, the packaging. No? 

I totally love the blush, I just can't. Especially recently I'm into bold blush look and these are definitely are da bomb. I love the packaging, and the product, and everything and the fact that they're on the permanent collection. KYAK! These blushes easily topped the best seller list in the EH website, and they're there for a strong reason definitely. 

Thank you so much for reading, peeps! I honestly had a great time taking photographs of these lovely babies because they're just too pretty haha. Sorry for the pic spam! :D

Have a great day <3

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